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You're a parent raising kids. You need the Best Family Advice you can get. We understand - we are raising three kids of our own.

Do You Want Parenting Advice For...
Family Fun when you get home from work?
Keeping your marriage healthy?
Finding time for yourself?

Are you a single parent needing the best family advice?
(Or just a light-hearted break?)

Bob and I know that trying to do your
best for your kids, and stay balanced with your lives, IS possible.

We wish we had extended family near us to help with family advice, or even babysit for an evening break. For us, it brought us together, though there have been times that I thought it would tear us apart.

You will get through it. We will be here for you.

After much observation of families, who survived even the teenage years, we realize there are some Simple Secrets to a happy family!

We have answers for you.

Here, throughout the site, are the tools for building;

A Healthy Family, with Family Values, Family Love,...A Happy Family!

We even tackle the Family Budget,...yes...we've had our discussions about money.

Before you go further, let's just state a fact;

You are a great parent.

You are taking the time, right now, to care and find the best family advice for you and your family.

Even though you may not always feel like you are doing the greatest job, you are doing just fine.

You want to do your best while your kids are still home.

Get the advice you are looking for, fast, with this search box. Are you looking for laugh out loud Kids Jokes? Or maybe tips on ways to get your teenager talking?

Just search this site or the web, for 'Kids Jokes' and get the family fun advice you deserve.

Grab a coffee and Explore. Find Parenting Advice for Your Kids That Will Not Break The Family Budget OR Totally Exhaust You!




  • Find Eczema, Cold Sore, and Canker Sore Treatments (That WORK!),and More Family Health Tips,
  • *

  • Parenting Tips so your kids can't wait to Practice Piano or Do Their Homework!,
  • *

  • Choosing the Best Family Dog, and other Pets,(a great way to spend time together!)
  • *

  • Fresh, New Weight Loss Advice, including the amazing information on Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids,
  • *

  • The Latest Facts on Women's Health, (Mom has to stay healthy for her kids!) Plus, help with Teeth and Teeth Whitening Advice For Looking Younger for those Family Pictures at Weddings, Graduations and Anniversaries!
  • *

  • Tried, Tested and True Couples tips,
  • AND

  • Family Fun Stuff, like Kids Jokes and Family Quotes and Riddles For Kids.
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    We have How-to-Advice.

    We Share Parenting Advice That Works!

    With a coffee in one hand, Explore, Share and have Fun with the Best Family!


    Your Best Family Advice Blog;-What's New-
    Your Best Family Advice Blog keeps you current with all the New Additions to the, to keep you up to date with your changing family. Subscribe here.
    Womens Health. Mom, Sister, Wife. You're A Woman! Protect Your Health.
    As a woman, you likely take care of many others around you. But let's make sure you take care of your womens health. Find honest, real answers. From prolapse, looking younger fast, weight loss tips.
    Pandemic Flu - Swine Flu - Avian Flu - Bird Flu -
    Pandemic Flu. What does that mean? What do we need to do to stay healthy? How can we prepare for theswine flu, bird flu, or a pandemic flu?
    Parenting Advice For Mom, Dad, and the Kids.
    Parenting advice to have kids who Love and Respect you. It's easy when we teach them. Who has the energy for that? Use these easy tips and see your family values become important to your kids.
    Best Family Advice on Friendship and Love.
    This is a story of the Best Family Advice I have read in a long time. It is the most practical and inspiring advice for families.
    Family Fun...Families That Play Together, Stay Together!
    As a parent you want to have fun raising kids, and staying balanced in your life. Get parenting tips and advice for happy, healthy kids and family fun.
    Riddles For Kids...
    Have fun with these Riddles For Kids! All clean, brain teaser riddles for laughter and silliness!
    Funny Emails. Too Hilarious To Keep To Yourself!
    Here are funny emails that I have received over the years, that are so funny that they must be shared! Send them to your friends and families to brighten their day.
    Here Are Funny Kids Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud With Your Kids.
    Telling kids jokes is a great way to develop their sense of humor and wit. Sharing a laugh with kids is aways fun and can lighten any mood we are in. We all love to smile, so Read and Enjoy!
    Funny Kids Jokes - Clean Jokes For Children
    Funny Kids Jokes are here! Giggle together as you read through these clean jokes for kids. Our best family advice is to get laughing for family fun. At home or school, these jokes are fun...
    Top Parenting Teenager Tip
    Get the top parenting teenager tip. Actually get'll need them to survive!
    The Best Recipes To Cook Today.
    For our health AND the great taste of food, find the best recipes. New ideas and old fav's, for ground beef, appetizers, delicious dishes are all here! Create meals you actually love to prepare!
    Family Health Tips, That Totally Improve Our Lives Are Priceless.
    When your family health is struggling, everything seems more harder. Try these proven tips for health. Advice for eczema, ear infections, canker sores, teeth advice
    Family 101. Tips, Ideas, Help, Advice.
    With Family 101, Search For All The Advice And Tips You Need To Raise Great Kids And Have Great Relationships. Tips For The Family Budget Too!
    eBay Express...How to buy and sell.
    Thinking of buying or selling something online? Not sure where to start? Get advice to eBay Express and start buying stuff for your kids and spouse safely. Here are our Hot Tips for great deals.
    Choosing Your Best Family Pet May, Or May Not Be A Dog...
    Your kids want a pet. You want them happy and to teach them how to love and care for a pet. Do you get the best family dog, or a tiny cat? Did you grow up with no pet at all? Find the best family pet!
    What Are Family Values And How Do You Create Them In Your Home?
    What do 'Family Values' mean to you? How do we get our kids to live according to the right values in our homes. There are simple solutions we have learned! It's family fun with respect and love.
    Your Family Tree, Your Pride In Your Heritage.
    Who is in your family tree? Who Are Your Ancestors? Build a heritage for your kids by finding out your family history. Are you from royalty? Did your family overcome hard times? Research your past.
    Family Budget? Do You Need One? Is Your Spouse Unaware Of Why You Are In Debt?
    In most families there is a <b>'Spender' </b>and a <b>'Saver'. </b>Either one, You need a family budget to work things out in peace! Let the numbers do the talking! Show kids the value of money too!
    Teenagers Money Management. Teach Your Teen To Earn Money And Save It.
    Not sure about your teenagers money management? Where do you start when it comes to their budget? Do they spend all the money they earn? Concerned for their future when it comes to handling money?
    Family Quotes and Proverbs for Advice and Fun!
    Life is full of lessons and truths. Here is a collection of our best family quotes, to humor and inspire you everyday. Some make us smile for a moment and some we never forget. Enjoy!
    Tongue Twisters - See If You Can Say These Five Times Fast!
    Here at we believe that having family fun is one of the best parenting tips we can give. Here are funny tongue twisters to get you started laughing together. Have fun!
    Hangman, Quote Of The Day...It's All Here!
    Want your daily fix of Hangman? Want to know who was born on this day? Read a great's here for you for Free!
    Volunteer. Building Family Values And Having Family Fun When You Volunteer.
    When we volunteer with our kids, we create family values with our children and community. We have family fun and memories at the same time. But how much commitment does it mean? Where do you start?
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    More Riddles For Kids! Some Of Our Best Family Advice Is To Laugh Together!
    Looking for funny, clean riddles for kids? We have the best because we know that families that laugh together stay together. Send us your funny joke, riddle or tongue twister and share in the fun!
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    Jokes For Kids...Here are more clean, funny jokes for family fun.
    Need some good Family Fun? Read through these jokes for kids! You will be laughing in the car, or at the table with your kids. A happy that's good advice!