Zucchini Recipe

This Zucchini Recipe will be so popular with your kids and your guests, that this super healthy vegetable will not just be for chocolate zucchini cakes anymore!

You will keep those huge 'Zucc's' from the garden. They won't be given away to just anyone who will take them now! We have to ask around to find ones big enough! During the winter the grocery stores only have tiny ones, so we can't wait for gardening season.

I have seen the daintiest guest love this dish so much, she actually ate out of the pan,... with her fingers! (Her husband could not believe she forgot her manners for an instant!)

Make it tonight!

INGREDIENTS; For Cooking Zucchini;

  • 3 Tbsp Oil (Light Virgin Olive Oil is the Healthiest, but I also love the taste of original Butter too!)
  • 3/4 cups Almonds (sliced or slivered are the best)
  • 2 cups Zucchini (sliced or chopped, thin or thick - it's up to you!)
  • Dash of salt, depending on your taste buds!
  • That's all! Four simple ingredients for such a Delicious Recipe!


    Heat oil in frying pan or skillet. Heating oil or butter does not take long, and will smoke if it gets too hot, so stay near the stove!

    Toast Almonds, in oil, with salt. Stirring until browned. (This smells so good, that my kids stop playing and want to know what I am cooking!)

    Add sliced or chopped Zucchini. Cook until soft.

    Eat and Enjoy!


    *This Zucchini Recipe goes perfectly 'On The Side', or you can top it on Chicken, Steak, and even Rice. Yummmm!*


    Family Health, Family Health, Family Health!

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