Weight Loss Advice

We want to experience weight loss. It's not just pressure from the 'high fashion models', we know it in our hearts.

We know we would be healthier and happier if we could lose some weight.

We also want to pass on healthy habits for our children, to avoid child obesity. Which is good family advice.

I struggled with bulimia, a 'binge and purge' eating disorder, for 8-9 years.

I understand the desperation for weight loss. Don't give up.

What are simple Weight Loss Tips?

1. Consider starting with a fast. Skip one meal, but don't eat twice as much at the next meal.

Your metabolism will not slow down by skipping one or two meals. Skinny people forget to eat sometimes. They are not obsessed with food. They get busy at work and playing to worry about food! Start enjoying your life and forget about food for awhile too!

So, to get started on your weight loss, empty out some of the extra weight that is just sitting in the small and large intestines.

You will already feel lighter and have more energy. Plus, your body can finally use some of its stored up energy, which equals weight loss! Remember to drink as much clear fluids as you like. Click For My Easy Fasting Advice.

2. Listen to your tongue. Your taste buds are your 'on and off' buttons to hunger and fullness.

I'm serious. Watch and see for yourself. When you are starving, everything tastes good, but... when you are NOT hungry, and eat anyways, you have to eat extreme flavors.

You reach for the salty chips or sugary treats, so that your tongue can still experience some taste. Stop eating when your taste buds can't taste anything.

How Do You Stop Over Eating To Have Weight Loss ?

  • Exercise is one thing. (More, a bit further down, on exercise for weight loss!)
  • Hobbies,
  • Reading,
  • Sudoku and other puzzles are great distractions, and family fun too.
  • Being on your computer is a perfect distraction, since you are on it right now!
  • ** Now, back to exercise for Weight Loss. It doesn't just burn calories at the time of activity, it also builds muscle. Muscle is active all on it's own. It burns calories just being muscle. (Fat is just fat,...it doesn't need anything to stay fat.)

    So the more muscles you have,... the more calories you burn automatically, even when you are sleeping! Plus, muscle is tighter, compact and makes you stronger. Get exercising! Start slow, and build up over time.

    3. Reward yourself by leaving some of your main meal on your plate. This goes for your kids, too. "Save room for DESSERT!", is all you have to say to your children and yourself.

    I know I have stuffed myself at supper, trying to avoid eating some 'high fat' treat,...only to end up eating it too. Eat dessert and then walk away from the table. Enjoy your treats, guilt free, instead of stuffed on top of too much supper!

    4. Drink water. Don't confuse THIRST with HUNGER. The pangs in your stomach are more likely thirst pangs, than hunger pangs.

    We are a dehydrated society. We drink a lot of coffee, tea and pop. All these fluids dehydrate us, and trick us into eating, when we really are just thirsty.

    Even when my kids are crying for treats, I make them have a drink of water first. Then, if they are still hungry, they can have something to eat.

    5. Reassure yourself, and your kids, that you can always eat again and again, each time you feel true hunger.

    No need to sneak food in a panic. Yes, I have done this when nobody was watching! It was not worth it, when I was working towards weight loss.

    6. Choose beef that won't make you store fat. When you eat your ground beef recipes or roasts, make them with Grass Finished Beef. Changing our meat, not our recipes, is easy.

    Grass finished beef is unbelievably healthy and it is has the "good fats" that make it easy to lose weight! Find a local rancher/producer of it, and learn why and how it is cancer fighting and immune system building too.

    Go to our page of Grass Finished Beef Benefits to get a jump on losing those frustrating pounds and get healthier!

    7. Rinse with Listerine. It will kill germs, freshen your breath, and make it VERY hard to over eat or snack if you are not hungry. What a simple thing to do for weight loss!

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