Volunteering As A Family

Volunteering is a wonderful way to build family memories and family values into your kids, and yourself.

Regardless of what age your children are, it will be rewarding for everyone involved; not just the organization or people that you give of yourselves to.

Everyone wins and the rewards are much better than simple dollars. The rich, full hearts of your kids and your pride in them, will be payment enough.

Where do you start Volunteering?

If your kids are getting into the teen years and you are now wanting to start building family values into them, it might seem foreign at first. I would sit them down, and let them know that volunteering is not an option, BUT...what you volunteer at is optional.

Do you love animals? Head to the Humane Society as a family.

Maybe you don't have Grandparents near. Head to the local Seniors Home. Adopt a grandparent. Weekly, or monthly, or whatever you and your family decide on. The staff will help you choose someone that will be compatible with your level of socializing. If you want to read, or talk or just watch T.V. with them, that's great.

Maybe your six or seven year old is learning to read. 'Grandparents' will love to hear their stories. The company will be wonderful, for you and them.

My Volunteering Story

I can't remember who talked me into spending time at the local hospital's Senior Wing, when I was a teenager. I just remember going to a room, with the nurse on staff, and being introduced to "The Judge".

He was 99 years old!

He had just lost his eyesight a few years earlier, and he loved to show me his talking watch. He always called me a different variation of my real name, but never the right one. Although, his mind was very sharp! He was always watching, or rather, listening to Parliamentary or Government discussions.

I loved it!

He was a riot, and made me laugh and smile every time. I think I got more out of our visits than he did.

He would always say, "Get your education!" Index finger waving in the air. "What are you taking in school?...Get your education, it's the only thing they can't take away from you!" ... "Spend your money on your education,...because they can't take that away from you, and you will always have it, and can use it!"

I have never forgotten that. He was right. With wisdom comes riches, that they can't take away from you.

I went to his 100th birthday party. It was beautiful. I had never met his family, but I know they appreciated my visits.

That time was one of the few unselfish things I did as a teenager.

It is not too late for you to get out there, with your family and do some volunteering! It is good family advice. Go have some family fun and create those memories.

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