Trust Advice

trust advice

Trust Advice

I have heard it said, "Trust everyone until they give you reason not to".

Hmmm...Yes I think, for the most part, people are trustworthy, but what if a better idea is to just stay neutral. Instead of throwing our whole heart, mind and soul into a new relationship...and test the waters for awhile first.

When we blindly trust someone we are only just getting to know, we set ourselves up for hurts. Why? Because nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, even with trust issues.

I wish I had known and believed this when I was a teen. I might not have gotten disappointed so often. I might not have felt so much anger and distrust to others. Only now am I learning that it is better to go slowly, with grace and room to explore relationships. I have definitely disappointed others, even when I didn't mean to.

As far as trust advice in a marriage when adultery has occurred, I know that takes years of healing, if at all. And definitely requires family advice from a professional counselor.

But for our teens, family and our own new relationships, go slow and steady. Have integrity in your own life and actions. Be prepared to say sorry, because nobody is perfect.

Enjoy your relationships in life...there truly are some amazing people in this world!

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