Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening has become very popular over the years. Which product should you use? Can you trust the store brand, over your dentist?

Strips vs trays?

What if you get sensitivity?

Are they safe?

Great questions!

After working in the dental field for 14 years now, whitening products have come along way. Let's get started and answer your questions.

First, lets state the obvious though. If you want your teeth to stay whiter, you have to stop habits that are staining them in the first place. You can do it. I know you have tried before, but don't give up!
Quit Smoking Now. Red wine is another culprit in the tooth stain wars. Tea is close behind. Surprisingly, coffee isn't as bad as the top three I just mentioned.

Tooth Whitening; Strips vs Trays

Actually, I have seen great results from both . The difference is individual need and convenience.

Use Dental Trays IF;

*You have crowded or misplaced teeth, as it is harder to tuck the strips in-and-around teeth. Trays fit your mouth exactly as it is. You just pop it in your mouth with the gel.

*You have crowns or caps. Some dental materials can be pitted or damaged over time. You have invested too much in your teeth, so avoid placing whiteners on these teeth in your mouth. Crowns and fillings will not lighten anyways. Aetna Dental Access®

*You have sensitive teeth,before you whiten. Using the tray system, from your dentist, allows you to fill the tray with a sensitivity tooth paste. Then you place it back in your mouth immediately after. You won't have a sensitivity problem!

*You can afford the initial cost, since buying "refresher" syringes will likely be cheaper, than whole packages of strips, if you need them six months to one year from now.

Use Strips IF;

*You are not sure about tooth whitening. Not a huge cost investment compared to office systems.

*You can't afford the initial cost of trays. Get Your Tooth Whitening Home Kits Online, Now, in the privacy of your own home.

*You only plan to whiten once. Maybe you don't drink coffee, tea, dark colas, red wine or smoke. Then you likely only need one time use to get the results you want.

Tip: If you do get sensitive teeth with the strips, you should use a sensitivity tooth paste. You can even dab the paste on a Q-tip or your finger, and place it on the teeth that are tender. Let it soak in. You may have to do this more than once.


What do you need to know before you whiten? Do you have fillings in any front teeth? What are some considerations before you invest your time and money? Read These Tooth Whitening Tips First. Make good decisions about your mouth and body! It's our Best Family Advice!

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