Be Sure of Your Choice to Whiten Your Teeth, With These Tooth Whitening Tips

Since the popularity of lightening our teeth, we need tooth whitening tips to make sure the decision is right for us and our family.

Tip 1.

Consider whitening if you have good general dental health. Invest your money in fixing broken or sore teeth first. If you have dental insurance, basic dental work is usually covered. Use your coverage, and get a healthy mouth, then a whiter smile!

Broken teeth can lead to sore teeth and more expensive procedures. It can even lead to tooth loss. You can't whiten teeth you don't have!

Tip 2.

If you need New fillings or crown work done in or near the front, whiten your teeth first! Crowns and fillings won't lighten once they are in your mouth. If you whiten first, your dentist will match your new dental work to your whiten smile.

Tip 3.

Need to Replace dental work in the front? Remember, your current fillings and crowns/caps won't lighten. If you want to replace them, whiten first. Get the rest of your teeth the color you want them, so that the dentist can make your new fillings, the whiter color you have chosen for your whole mouth.

Tip 4.

Only buy whitening systems, either professional dental trays or commercial strips, for friends or family, if you know they have good dental health. Nobody wants white teeth if they are suffering from sore teeth.

Remember to include a sensitivity tooth paste as part of your gift. If your loved one gets tender areas, you will be their hero!

Tip 5.

A great tooth whitening tip is to whiten whenever you will be in pictures!



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