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Ideas To Get Your Teenager Talking

Teenagers can be tough to figure out. They are going through changes and becoming young adults. Here is a fun search engine for more information for your young adults.

I don't know about you, but I can barely remember being one.

Use these simple tips to get your teen talking. With these proven simple ideas, teens can't help but spill everything happening in their lives.

From dating, the birds and the bees, to bullying, and the meaning of life.

Build stronger relationships with your teenagers. Even their friends will start talking to you. Make sure you keep in touch with them. Texting with your teen is fun for them, and for you; once you get the hang of it! Make sure you go with a trusted source online!

Top Tips For Talking Teenagers:

  • 1. "Tuck Them Into Bed."

    I know, I know, they stay up all night as it is, and they will wonder what in the world you are doing sitting on their bed?!

  • Hear me out. Some personalities bottle up their day and stay very busy with their thoughts and activities. These types of youth can't put into words their feelings, until the stimulation of the day has ended. Just sit on the side of the bed, say "Good night", and "I love you," then see what begins to come out of their mouths.

    If it is not too late, do this when they are younger. It will become a habit for both of you.

    If they fall asleep, before their head hits the pillow, they are not this type of personality. Move on to the next tip.


  • 2. "Teach Them To Drive."
  • Okay, okay,...another possibly weird and insane idea. But this was told to me by a Dad, who realized that every time he got in the car and let his daughter drive, she clasped the wheel and began to concentrate on the road; completely disarming her 'Teenager Silence'. She could not stop talking!

    **Special Note: This Dad wouldn't tell his daughter that they were going for a 'driving lesson'. They would just be going somewhere, and he would toss her the keys suddenly. Again, disarming her with a pleasant surprise.


  • 3. "Eat Together."
  • Good food makes everyone drop their guard. 'Mmmm, chocolate fondues, long, messy spaghetti and meatballs. Can't you taste it?! Don't you just start talking and giggling just thinking about it? Slow life down a little, and spend the time with your teenagers: It's the Best Family Advice!

    Better yet,...

  • 4. "Cook Together."
  • Let your teen pick the meal and/or dessert. Encourage something unique and delicious. Head to the grocery store together. Cook up a storm together! Talking, talking and talking some more!


  • 5. "Go For A Long Drive."
  • Where? Anywhere. Head to a new town for shopping, or just lunch together. Stuck in a car, without a long hallway to go stomping down and a bedroom door to slam, the car is the perfect place to get talking. Be patient, it will take sometime to get the communication lines to open up with your teenager.


  • 6. "Rent A Movie."
  • Better yet, have a 'Movie Marathon' with your teen(s)! Rent the Star Wars Trilogy, or all of the Rocky movies. You get the point. You don't have to spend tons of cash for this idea. And staying up late is one of the things, teenagers love!

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  • 7. "Video Games."
  • Racing or Battling. Defeats and Victories. With all the great graphics and stories. Conversation can't help but be included. And if you are the worst player, laughing will definitely follow.


  • 8. "Go For A Walk."
  • Family Fitness gets the blood flowing to our muscles and our mouths. Need to do more than just stroll around the block? Check out our

    Family Fun Walks.

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    Tongue Piercing.

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