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Our Spa Advice is to start Spoiling yourself and your girls for the right price. Have family fun at home or at your local spa.

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the "Spa Experience".

As you can see from my very relaxed girls that it is possible to have lots of fun right at home in your living room.

Our Spa Advice Treatment

We mixed up oatmeal, some yogurt and lemon. Only a half a cup of oatmeal and yogurt, then a tbsp. of lemon. But we have had fun with a raw egg! Use your imaginations!

Then we sliced up cucumbers for our eyes. Make them thin!

Just lay on the floor with a cloth near by. Gently spoon the mixture on their faces and rub everywhere, careful not to go near the eyes! Then place the cucumbers over the eyes.

There a tons of different spa recipes. Just watch the ingredients for any skin allergies.

Make sure you have your camera near by! See more of our Family Photo Fun!

More Home Spa Advice...

Let your girls give YOU the spa treatment! They will have loads of fun! There is no limit to how long you can just lay down and relax while you talk about everything under the sun!

Have your teenager(s) to yourself! Get relaxed together spending mother daughter time.

Cheapest Spa Treatments

Do you want to get out of the house for your spa experience together? Don't want to sacrifice your family budget?

Here is awesome advice! Go to the local community college or even the high school. These students need willing 'Spa Seekers' to practice on so that they can graduate. It is super affordable and lots of fun!

Even our little town has an esthetics's program. My daughters and I are looking forward to getting our French Manicures done for just $10.00! After that 'Mani', we will book for our 'Pedi's'. Pedicures are an hour long and still only cost $10.00. Talk about tons of fabulous family girl bonding, for cheap!

Okay, Mom. Book your 'Home Spa' with your daughter(s)this weekend! Relax together as you talk about all the things going on in your precious daughter's heart. She will have the best family memories with you.

Mom, you only have sons???

Okay Mom. You only have sons. Go get your spa experience anyways! You deserve it!

In fact, leave this page about spa's on the computer for your husband and/or sons to read! They will have to get the hint, and book your spa for you!

HEY GUYS!!!! Send Mom For A Spa Treatment!!!

She will love you for it!

Keep having searching through for more tips and advice for you and your family. You are worth it!

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