Small Business Advice

Looking for Small Business Advice? Are you thinking of being your own boss? Do you want the freedom your own business brings?

This is exciting so lets get started! Get a pen and paper. We need to write down everything that comes to mind as a part of your business plan.

What's Your Passion?

A business takes time, work and commitment. When choosing your small business choose a field that you love. You will find it easy to put in the time, work and commitment with something you love. And you likely know more about it and can spin out a concept that will also make money.

What Is Your Overhead To Get Started?

Let's use an example of Pets. If you love animals, and you are thinking about how to make money from this love of pets, consider your resources and overhead...what it is going to cost you to run your business.

If you live in an apartment...boarding dogs may not be practical, but dog walking is. The overhead for dog-walking is next to nothing-just a good pair of walking shoes! But if you feel stranded on an acreage, boarding dogs could be perfect for you. There is also grooming and house-sitting...

What are your resources? What will your overhead be? Write it down as part of a small business plan.

Best Small Business Advice?

What is our best advice? This may sound odd, but in a family you need to talk to your spouse and consider your kids. With our example of pets/dogs, it will be tough to be a dog-groomer if your family is allergic to dogs.

Will your business keep you away from home for 80+ hours a week? Is it worth it to leave your family? Is your spouse and kids okay with you gone?

Choose a small business that is compatible with everyone.

What's Working For Me?

When considering my own small business, I considered selling a product at parties. Candles, Tupperware, etc. I considered 'Dog Jobs', and more. I finally chose a business that let me stay home all the time, including weekends and evenings and let me set my own hours, instead of working around a dog-owners schedule.

What did I choose? I chose to make money online. I chose
A Successful Online Business. It takes time, but I chose something that I love, so it isn't 'work.'

I Took My Passion and started making money with it. I knew I wanted to stay home and now I can.

Good luck with what you chose. Remember to write down your thoughts and consider your family. It is our Best Small Business Advice! And have fun making money!

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