Need Sleep?

baby fell asleep in high chair

Too tired to realize how exhausted you really are? You might need more sleep.

Often we think, "only our diet needs tweeking",... or "our work is stressful",... or "the kids are wearing us out"!

Most people don't realize that they might just need more time asleep. The amount of Zzzz's we are get effects how we deal with our daily routines. Do you want some tips? Here is what works.

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How To Go To Sleep:

1. Make lists.

When my brain is on overload from the day, I grab some paper and a pen. I write all the "must do's" down, then I don't worry about forgetting anything. I completely de-stress knowing I am ready for the next day.

2. Ask someone for help.

My husband puts me to bed. He has more energy to get me off the couch, or computer, and send me to dreamland. He has to deal with me the next day, if I don't get enough rest!

3. Turn off the T.V.

Hey...easier said than done! Bob often helps with this one, otherwise I will get sucked into program after program! Lately, I have tried to not turn it on in the first place. Reading, or a good Sudoku puzzle relaxes me for a perfect night!

4. Get a great set of 'Jammies' and soft pillow cases.

Ahh, so enticing is the feel of soft, smooth (maybe sexy!) PJ'S. Then, laying your cheek against a gentle pillow, under warm blankets...Enough said, you get the point.

5. Don't drink anything with caffeine before bed.

I personally have to stop drinking coffee by lunch. It takes that long to get out of my system!

Remember that chocolate, tea, and ice tea, all can contain caffeine.

Why is Sleep so Important?

1. To Burn Calories!

All our cells need to have time to rest and repair. Our hormones need to regulate themselves back to normal. These two major systems in our bodies use lots of fat burning energy. Burning calories while we are asleep.

2. It's easier to make healthy choices in the day;

- It's easier to love and discipline kids.

- It's easier to stop snacking and eat healthier.

- We have more energy to exercise.

- We avoid getting over-tired, which can lead to sleep disorders.

3. Fight off sickness and viruses. I always seem to get a cold sore when I am rundown and tired.

4. Have a healthier mouth. As a dental hygienist, I see sore red gums (gingivitis) in my clients who are sleep deprived. Nurses getting off their night shifts, and new moms who are up all night, among others, have some of the sorest, bleeding gums. Your body cannot even fight the bacteria in your mouth when you need more sleep.

This Family Advice applies to our children too.

When my husband, or I, read at school with our kids, it is surprising and a bit sad, when we see little ones yawning away. They are unable to concentrate. They brag about staying up late, but can barely read.

When you model healthy habits for yourself, your children learn them too, and you want a healthy family!

Have a great sleep tonight!

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