Silly Joke

What do you call cheese that's not yours?

Nacho Cheese!

Here is another one...

There were three girls that robbed a bank. One was blond, one was a redhead, and one was a brunette. The police were chasing them. The girls pulled up to an abandoned farm and hopped out of their car. The brunette hid in the pig sty, the redhead hid in the cow pen and the blond one hid behind a giant sack of potatoes. The police searched the farm. When they came to the pig sty they said "Is anyone here?". The brunette said "Oink! Oink!". Next the police went to the cow pen and said "Is anyone here?" The redhead said "MOO, MOO". Then, the police went into the food storage where the blonde was and once again asked "Is anyone here?" and the blond e said "Potato! Potato!"

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