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Have fun with these Riddles For Kids! They are all clean, brain teaser riddles for laughter and silliness! Keep having family fun together, it's our best family advice!

Q. A man drove 2,000 miles with his family without knowing he had a flat tire. How come?

A. It was his spare tire that was flat.


Q. What has cities without houses, rivers, without water, and forests without trees?

A. A road map.


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Q. How are prisoners and astronauts alike?

A. They are both interested in outer-space.


Q. When is a house not on land and not on water?

A. When it's on fire!


Q. Two outlaws robbed a bank. They decided to bury the money they stole. If it took two outlaws five days to dig a hole, how many days would it take them to dig half a hole?

A. None. You can't dig half a hole.


Q. What would you call a short, sunburned outlaw riding a horse?

A. Little Red Riding Hood.


Q. Why wasn't the outlaw buried in the town cemetery?

A. Because he wasn't dead?


Q. If you have an empty glass bottle and you drop a dime into it, then cork the top, how can you get the dime back out, without damaging the cork or bottle in anyway?

A. You push the cork down into the bottle.


Q. When is a gun unemployed?

A. When it's fired.


Q. What cattle follow you where ever you go?

A. Your calves.


Q. A cowboy went on a trip on Friday, stayed three days, and came back on Friday. How is that possible?

A. His horse was named Friday.


Q. If lightening strikes an orchestra, who is most likely to get hit?

A. The conductor.


Q. Can you make a fire with one stick?

A. Yes, if it's a match.


Q. A hiker went without sleep for seven days and wasn't tired. How come?

A. He slept at night.

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