Riddle Of The Clown & The Three Golden Apples

by Keyshia
(Brooklyn, New York)


There is a clown that has just stolen 3 golden apples. He has a horde of people behind him. He comes to a bridge.

In the town he lives in, everything was measured by three golden apples. He comes to a sign that says the bridge can only hold the weight of a normal sized person and two golden apples. If the person was overweight, the bridge can only take the weight of the person and ONE apple.

P.S The clown cannot roll or throw the apple because the gap of the pieces of land is too far. He also cannot hold the apple in his mouth because the apple is far too big and even if it could fit in his mouth the bridge would register the weight of the third golden apple.

How does he get across?


He juggled the apples.

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