Recreation Outdoors

Do you want to start some recreation outdoors? Do you want your family to get involved with some outdoor games and activities?

Everyone will be excited and getting family fitness with these Top 10 Lists for family fun!

Recreation Outdoors - Sports

Here's our Top 10 List of Outdoor Fun activities for those who don't mind more of a sports challenge. Don't get me wrong, I am still sore the next day from some of these! For family fun in the Winter or summer, these are great kids favorites.

1. Family Fishing Fun,

2. Family Golfing Tips and Ideas,

3. Outdoor Trampolines, (We got ours second-hand making it easier on the family budget.)

outdoor trampoline

4. Outdoor Summer Camps,

5. Outdoor Parks, for Playing Catch or Baseball,

6. Skipping, and Hula-Hoops

7. Skiing, Snowboarding,

8. Swimming,

9. Paintball,

10. Hockey, Skating.

Recreation Outdoors - Easy Games

Not the World's Top Athlete? Need some activities that almost anyone can do? Here is a fun Top 10 List of easy going activities everyone can enjoy.

1. Family Fun Walks, (Not just any ol' walks...check it out!)

2. Take Your Dog With You. It's always more fun with man's best friend along for the fun!

3. Planting Fun, (Here's super easy fun for anyone.)

4. Sledding, Tubing,

5. Lazertag,

6. Dog Frisbee,

7. Go karts,

8. Mini Golf,

9. Bowling,

10. Bike Riding.

Recreation Outdoors - Final Note

Most of these are affordable family fun activities. It's our Best Family Advice that you spend time together as a family. Getting outdoors is a great way to stimulate conversations, build memories and have fun together.

Sometimes, you will want to just be your kids "cheerleader" for their activities. That is a great way to spend time together too. Who doesn't like to be cheered on, and re-count the game moment by moment together? Most kids just need to glance over to make eye contact and see you smiling at them.

During the winter, I know I can't make the whole afternoon sledding down the hill, dragging my carpet or GT up the hill 100 times, but I love to sit in the warm van and watch everyone else.Then make hot chocolate drinks for all the frozen sledders.

Just get off the couch, turn off the T.V. or video games, and get outside for some activities. It will take sometime to get used to any new activity, so be gentle with yourself and each other. Be patient until you find that one super fun activity that everyone enjoys together. Once you find it? Play it lots and lots and lots!

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