Purple Tag Joke

by Roxanne
(Hartbeespoort, North West, South Africa)

One day there was a man named Sam,

Sam, can't read!- (and he isn't that 'bright')
One day he decides to go to the 'Mutant-Animal-Park'.

He walks up to a cage that has a strange animal inside...
It is a Purple Gorilla,
So since Sam can't read or understand signs,
he decides that he will go over the fence and touch the Purple Gorilla!
He climbs over the fence and goes up to the Gorilla.

The Gorilla turns around and he has the most disgusting kind of face you can imagine!

Six yellow eyes,
big green lips,
pink boogies leaking out of his nose! eew!
Well you can't really describe it it is so disgusting!!

So Sam screams and runs away, he finds the 1st taxi and drives away...
--> guess who is driving? The Purple Gorilla.

So Sam screams and jumps out of the taxi and finds the 1st train he sees and jumps in...

Just then a man dressed in a suit come in and his face is covered by the newspaper he is reading, he sits across from Sam, he pulls down the Newspaper...
--> Guess who it is? Purple Gorilla

So Sam jumps out of the stationary train and runs all the way to the airport and boards a plane to London. He boards the plane and looks around him and he doesn't see the Gorilla anywhere!

Good grief!

The plane takes off.

After a while a rumbling sound comes closer and closer, a small jet is flying along side the plane going to London,
Sam looks out the window and sees the pilot flying the small jet.

--> guess who it is? Purple Gorilla!

So poor Sam starts writing his 'WILL'
"Oh well he is going to kill me! I might as well write my will.

The plane lands and Sam doesn't run!
The Gorilla runs towards Sam...

He reaches out a huge purple hand and grunts:

"Tag you're it!"

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