My Prolapse Story;

I had never heard of a 'prolapse' before I had my third child.

The nurses and pamphlets all said, "Do not lift anything heavier than your baby for six months". What did that mean? I had two other children, laundry, etc. to deal with!

"Don't lift ...?!"

Each of my babies were a good weight, (8'10", 9'1", 9'5") and were quick deliveries. My longest delivery was 4 hours - start to finish. I had retained tissue after the births, and had to have it surgically removed. After the third surgery, I was feeling an odd strain and pull in my pelvic floor.

Forgetting the advice about lifting anything heavy, I was lifting a basket full of laundry. I felt an odd something 'down there'. I tried to have a look at what I was feeling 'down there'. Seeing funny pink tissue, I called up a nurse friend.

She said, "Oh, you just prolapsed. Go lay down, after you call the doctor".

Just Prolapsed....Just??


The ligaments that hold up the vagina, were stretched beyond their means. And like an elastic band, once you stretch them too far, they lose the ability to squeeze back into place.

Not only do ligaments hold up the vaginal walls, they also are connected to the bladder and rectum. They hold each other up. If one falls, they all pull down on each other.

Treatment For Prolapse


For six weeks, I lay on the bed, trying not to strain in anyway. I nursed, ate, and played with the kids, laying down. OH, and tried not to go crazy with cabin fever.

After that, I saw my gynecologist. He said the prolapse was only level one. Only level one? It felt like level TEN.

I could get surgery right away. But, he was pretty sure that once I was finished nursing, the hormones, that naturally loosen for birth, would send a signal to tighten up.

I crossed my fingers, that he was right. I didn't want to go under general anesthetic, again. Plus, I could not stand the thought of another six weeks of not moving during the healing!

In the mean time, while nursing, I got to wear a PESSARY ring. Oh, the fun of being a woman! This is a pink, latex ring, just my size!

Here is an example of one, but they come in all different sizes and thickness. They hold up everything for you. You really don't notice you are wearing it, if it is the correct fit.

It has to be cleaned weekly-monthly. I was able to remove and insert my own. Especially handy at 'that time of the month".

You can also try extra large tampons. Be careful how long you use them. They may be 'drying' so, try to dampen it in the shower or bath before you remove it. The last thing you need is to have it pull on your insides.


*Kegles: Tightening the pelvic floor. It is the same feeling of holding your bladder if you have to pee badly. Be sure to tighten your rectal area too.

*Standing on one foot: Lift your knee as high as you can. Balancing strengthens your internal muscles. Helping the weakened ligaments.

*When laying down, tilt your pelvis up. Bend your knees and extend one leg up, as far as you can, straight up the air, then take a deep breath. Repeat for both legs.

*Try not to over-eat. This could be tough if you are eating out of depression from your prolapse. But, this will fill up your large and small intestines, making it harder to keep everything where it is supposed to be.


During my research, I learned that, those with prolapse do not likely have severe incontinence. We won't pee ourselves with a cough or a hearty laugh... Our guts might fall out, but we won't be wet!

(Sorry, we have to laugh, or we won't get through this!)


There is nothing wrong if you get, or have had surgery. I hope you had or get insurance for lost time at work.

And, I am sorry that this happen to you. It isn't easy, but as a woman, I hear your struggle. Good Luck, to you.

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