Popcorn brings back the fondest memories for me. When we were little, my sister and I used to visit my Dad for the summer. (My parents were divorced, living 5000 miles apart.)

Now, what does a "once-again-bachelor" do with two little girls when it is baseball season?

Pop a bowl of 'Kernels' and drink ice tea!

There isn't a better combination in the world!...okay, there maybe some other good combos, but just wait until you try these two together.

I don't think I cared what was on the T.V.! Being nestled in my Daddy's arms, eating freshly popped popcorn and sipping ice cold, sweet ice tea was the best. Parliamentary debates wouldn't of kept us away!

Family Fun, with Popcorn, now that I've grown up

It is still the main staple treat in our home. We could eat it every night. Being a Dental Hygienist, I love it for the kids teeth because it isn't sticky.


On special nights, we make Caramel Popcorn! Oh ya,... reeeal sticky!

I thought making the caramel would be a huge ordeal and very messy. My daughter convinced me to try making it just once. (I would prove to her that it was not worth the time and effort.)

Boy, was I wrong.

Here is our Caramel Recipe. It is from one of those "Family Recipe Books". Don't these recipe books have some of the best dishes and ideas ever?! I use this book more than the expensive ones I have bought from the store. (I still have to tweak the recipes a bit, so they are perfect for our family.)

Caramel Popcorn;

1 cup....white sugar,

1/2 cup..syrup, (I use corn syrup)

4 Tbsp...butter, (don't substitute)

1/3 cup..water,

1 tsp....vanilla,

pinch of salt,

8-9 cups Popped Kernels

Place corn in a large buttered bowl (the wider the better) and keep warm. (I usually pop the corn near the end of the caramel cooking so it is still warm.)

*Stir sugar, syrup, butter and water over low heat until sugar dissolves. Boil for 3 minutes with the lid on. Remove cover and cook until the mixture reaches 225 F on a candy/meat thermometer. Add vanilla and salt. Pour over the warm fresh popcorn.

Eat and Enjoy!

-HINT- Remove unpopped kernels, before pouring on the caramel.

You can use this Easy Recipe to get Creative:

*Use it to dip apple slices or your other favorite fruits, even whole apples on a popsicle sticks.

*Add your favorite nuts, such as almonds, (chocolate covered almonds in the caramel are delicious) or peanuts, etc.

*You can also form Popcorn Balls with it.

Can't you just taste it?!

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