Playing Piano; Make It Fun and Easy!

My kids are not naturally gifted at playing piano; not many people are. But music is a way to express oneself, and to bring joy to ourselves and others. I wish I could play piano, or any instrument. Playing piano takes time and discipline to learn. (Something I don't seem to have; especially time!)

(Why do I always take photos of my kids with the sun in their eyes??...Sorry kids!)

These are medals they won for their piano playing. Mom and Dad are so proud.

kids enjoy piano medals

So why do my kids WANT to practice piano?

Simple. Marble Jars.

It is cheap, fun and easy! Our kids love them.

*It Can Work As An Incentive For any Kids Activities.*

Including homework, attitudes, or anything that isn't coming naturally or easily for your children, not just playing piano.

Here's How Our Playing Piano Works:

They each have their own cup or jar on the piano. There is a main, full jar, of marbles on the piano too. For each group of songs, scales, etc, and good attitude displayed during playing, they “earn” one marble. Once the cup is full, they get to “cash” in the marbles for something.

Our kids earn Toys, Make-up, Video Games, IPods, etc. The bigger or more expensive the prize, (at least in their eyes) the more times they have to fill up their jars!

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Simple, fun and rewarding piano playing.

They love the immediate reward of putting marbles in their jars and watching it fill up. The anticipation of The Prize is family fun too.

We always encourage them to stick with their piano;

-We tell them how proud we are of their efforts and growing skills.

-We tell them how much we love the music filling our home.

-We remind them that their efforts are paying off, not just in toys, etc. but in self-discipline, self-worth and self-accomplishment.

Note: Be prepared for hard working children who value themselves and their accomplishments.

Bob and I don't spoil our kids with toys anymore. They know they have to earn them! So they jump to the piano keyboard without being asked!

Note also, that we have a great piano teacher! She makes piano fun for us too! Find a great teacher who encourages playing the piano.

It becomes fun when your child can really play, and the only way is by practicing. (We run through each song five times. Five is a magic number for learning!)

Don't give up after one year, or one month! Your child will suddenly be playing piano songs, solo, for fun! He or she will say, "I can play piano!" to their friends, family and especially to themselves!

Ahh, the reward of music!

Where do you start with playing the piano?

**Do you need to buy a huge, heavy piano? You can get started with a basic electronic keyboard. They are small, light and inexpensive. Even though we bought a piano, (used, old and beautiful!) we have kept our keyboard. The kids love to play their piano songs with all the different electronic sounds. It is lots of family fun!

Now, Go For It! Find resources for ideas on line. Talk to friends whose kids already play an instrument. It's worth it.

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