Plant Some Flowers

When you buy flowers to plant with the kids, buy them midsummer. The flowers will be on sale, but there is tons of summer left to watch them bloom. Flowers are family fun, and easy on the family budget.

plant flowers

Plant In The Yard, or A Small Flower Box

You don't have to have a huge yard, and spend hundreds of dollars to do this family activity. Just buy a few flowers and let the kids take responsibility for where they get planted, and then for the occasionally watering.

Teach them how to 'dead-head' them if that is the type of annual you buy. In these pictures, Bob bought petunias. Petunias will get big and bushy with beautiful flowers if you pick the dried up old flowers that shrivel up, and allow fresh blossoms to bloom.

The kids, and you, will take pride in their home and yard when they get to take some of the responsibility for it's beauty and appearance. Plus, they get to learn a bit about the biology of sun, water, and soil. (But our kids don't even know they were getting a school lesson in the middle of summer!)

My Son's Idea of Planting


Now, to a boy, flowers might seem a little "girlish". But not when it means Dirt, and a Water Hose! Plus, weeding turns into Godzilla stomping through the 'city', Pulling and Crushing every 'innocent' weed! It's lots of family fun, when everyone is involved.

My Kids Love to Be Outside Together

plant with kids plant with kids

The placement doesn't have to be perfect, but the family fun is. It's a great family activity that doesn't take long or cost a lot of money. But the memory and the pride lasts all summer long, if not life long!

Go for a family walk to look at other yards. Let the kids tell you their favorite flowers, colors and yards. It's some of our Best Family Advice. Check out our Family Fun Walks.

We have annuals among our perennials. Annuals need to be placed annually and perennials return every summer. Be sure to ask someone at the store if the plant doesn't say, so that you know what you are getting.

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