Pessary Ring

Here is an example of a Pessary Ring, used for prolapse in womens health.

Picture of Pessary Ring


*Used for prolapse in women. Supports internal tissues. See your professional and ask if this will help you.

It can be incredibly helpful for you to get back to a normal day, without the worry of further damage to your 'guts'.

It is especially handy for exercising. Although I would not get too vigorous on a trampoline!

Plus, weight loss will relieve pressure on your insides. Do not give up, if you need to lose a bit of weight. Get the jump on it, today!


*Must be cleaned regularly, weekly-monthly. With warm soapy water. Do not use anything harsh, as it is only latex, and you need it to last!

*Practice inserting and removing it yourself. This is good advice for times such as, 'that time of the month' and intimacy with your husband.

Although, I have heard you can leave it in. Your choice!

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