Parenting Teenager Tip (s)

Are you needing the Best Parenting Teenager Tip?
How about FIVE top tips...
If you're like me, you need about a million parenting tips, daily, but let's get to the most important advice when raising teenagers.

Parenting Teenager Tip #1.

Sometimes you can't "Fix" them;
You just need to get them Through It.

Yes. Let's release you from your 'parenting guilt' of not always finding the right answer for your teen. Sometimes they just need to go through what ever it is they are going through.

It makes sense, because I remember being a teen, and let me tell you, if I even sniffed my Dad, or Mom, trying to fix me, I would have completely shut down or did the exact opposite of whatever they suggested.
Crazy, but true.

What was I thinking at the time?

  • "Trust me Mom/Dad. I am growing up and making my own mistakes is apart of being an adult."
  • "Let me grow up!"
  • "I'm me, NOT YOU, I need to try this for myself."
  • Tough? Yup. Now what?...Hang on for the ride!

    Parenting Teenager Tip #2.

    Raise Your Kids In A Cage.

    "Raise your kids in a cage...!?!"

    Hear me out. I've heard it said that we should, "Raise your kids on a leash." But if you know anything about a tethered dog, they end up winding themselves around their own post, and/or they can't get away from trouble.

    So how is a Cage any better??

    Think of the bird in it's birdcage. The bird is safe to grow and learn from what it sees in it's surroundings. AND for sure it is safe from the cat. Once your bird, or rather teenager, is old enough to start to fly out of its cage for some more freedom, it must know that it has a safe place to return to if the "cat" (or rather Drugs, Sex, etc,) comes around.

    Have you provided good opportunities for your bird to watch what goes on around them, in the real world? Do you talk about what they are seeing?

    Which brings me to our next tip...

    Parenting Teenager Tip #3.

    Quantity vs Quality Time.

    What do you think is more important? I used to think it was the Quality of time I spent with my kids. Now I realize it's both.

    You sometimes need to spend a lot of quantity time with your kids, especially your teenager, to find glimpses of quality moments. And the truth is, they need it more than you! When they feel the quantity of time you spend with them is enough, it is quality. They feel valued. They feel you are not just throwing them a moments thought or a crumb of what's left of your time. They will finally open up to you, and share what they are really thinking and feeling.

    It's worth it and it is so rewarding.

    Parenting Teenager Tip #4.

    It's Never too late.

    Are you worried it's "too late" for your teenager and you to build any sort of relationship?

    It is never too late. Do not give up. Some of your best fights will be your funniest stories at their wedding! Now, if you suspect drug addiction, get them, and yourself, some professional counseling, but for average typical teenager angst, just get creative and don't give up! Maybe you need to volunteer with your teenager. Youth often have a strong feeling of social responsibilities. Explore it with your teen.

    Remember: You are a great parent! You are searching for the answers and you will find them. Enjoy your teenagers and all their drama. They will get through it.

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    Parenting Teenager Tip #5.

    Get The Inside Story.

    I have read through many of the Teenager Blogs and Teen Forums out there. If you haven't done this yet, you should. You will get an eye-opener of what your teen is up against out there. Get the inside story from their point of view. Some of it will bring back memories, and some of it will be VERY new to you.

    I hope these 5 Parenting Teenager Tips have given you a great head start with your amazing future adult!

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