Parenting Advice For Family Values

Need some Parenting Advice so your kids will show Love and Respect to you?

How do we teach them these family values? Who has the energy? On top of work, school homework and activities, and housework...wait a minute...Housework!

I have found that
Work and Responsibility won't believe me at first...
Love and Respect.
Yup, they do. Regardless of age.


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When I think about it, who do we respect? Even think back to when you were growing up.

When I think of who I respect and love; the hard workers in my life come to mind first. My Mom and Dad were divorced. As single parents, sharing us throughout the year, they both worked hard to raise my sister and I. It wasn't easy, but I love and respect them for it. (They still have parenting advice for me, thank goodness!)


Parenting Advice

parenting advice

Who should be working in and around the house?

At what age should kids have to start helping, and what type of jobs should they be responsible for?

As early as possible. Little ones think it is a game. It has to be age appropriate with some common sense. I would not let my two year old empty the dishwasher of glass and sharp knives, but let them sort and match socks! As parents we already buy them toy vacuums, and toys to play house. Why not teach them the real deal?!

Let me first confess something.

I am the classic, "Here,...this is taking too long,...I'll just do it myself,...go play." Type of a person.

If you are like me, you will have to take a deep breath and know that you are not alone, but that it is worth it to let your kids do the work themselves. They will definitely learn to respect and love you when they realize how much work you do.

My husband started all of this in our home. He is much more gentle and patient than me. When Bob became the "stay home Dad", he realized there is a lot of work to be done. And he saw three very capable kids to help him. How smart. I was the one who saw how our kids were responding to the work; with their respect. They love getting work done together, so that we can get to family fun together. A Win-Win situation.

In our house, our kids:

* Set the table for meals,

* Clear the table,

* Fill the dishwasher,

* Sort their laundry,

* Fold their laundry and put it away.

* Clean their rooms,

* Tidy the playroom; which is literally the entire basement,

* Pick up their clothes and towels in the bathroom after baths and showers,

* Hang up coats and put away boots when they come in the house,

* Feed and walk the dogs, and clean up the backyard on Poop Patrol.

Hey, just let them work along side of you. Get out a screw driver and show them how to tighten all the handles on the drawers in your house. They will love it!


When do my kids have time to be kids?

All the time, only Bob and I have more energy and time to be with them too! And that is good parenting advice for you, and good advice for kids.

All these jobs are now routine and habit.

Are we adding more jobs?... Slowly.

Is there ever complaining?...Sometimes.

Am I equipping my kids for the future?...Yes.

Do they love and respect us?...I hope so!

Are we glad we didn't wait until they were teenagers to start these habits and routines?...You betcha! And spending time together is always good family advice! Have fun doing whatever it is you end up doing together. It hard, even for a teenager to have attitude when they are laughing, so check out our fun advice at Kids Jokes.

Let A Little Work and Responsibility help you enjoy your kids with Love and Respect.
It's some of our Best Parenting Advice.

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