Operation Christmas Child; The Shoe Box Project

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If you haven't heard of Operation Christmas Child, or the OCC, you will love what you hear!

Since 1993, this Samaritan's Purse project, has been helping spread the Ultimate Family Love to hurting children. They now receive a shoe box full of school supplies, toys, and hygiene items to touch their little child's heart.

BUT, this awesome Shoe Box Project doesn't just touch the child who receives the shoe box, but yours too!

I picked up three boxes: The OCC supplies colorful boxes at local places, like churches. One box for each of my kids and we are having a blast filling them up!

It only took one trip to the store and we had ours filled! We bought toothbrushes, soap, and flip-flops (shoes). We also put cool bandanna's, a tennis ball and a Hackie-Sack for each child. Christmas shopping is fun!

How do you know what to put in the shoe box?

There are six categories of Kids to choose to buy for:

1. Boy 2-4 years
2. Boy 5-9 years
3. Boy 10-14 years

4. Girl 2-4 years
5. Girl 5-9 years
6. Girl 10-14 years

The oldest Boys receive the least shoe boxes, so that is who we devoted our Shoe Box Projects to. And I can see why it is tough to get those, because it was easy to see all the cute things to buy little kids, toys, and pretty things, but harder to find older boy items.

Older boys were harder to buy for, but it made our volunteering more rewarding and fun since it turned into a harder 'Treasure Hunt'!:-)

Things to skip-over in the Shoe Box Projects...

1. Chocolate, food or out-dated candy
2. Liquids or Items that could Leak, Melt, or Freeze
3. Used Items
4. Breakable Items
5. Items that could scare or harm a child. (knives, war-related toys, toy guns, etc...)
6. Vitamins or medicine.

You can also check with the Samaritans Purse for more information.

Here's the official site.

This list leaves tons of fun things to buy for children. Do you have a writer in your family? They could write a note or little card to the child. It would really personalize your box.

Go for it! Build Family Values within yourself and your children. It feels Sooo GOOD. It is some of our Best Family Advice!

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