Simple Dates For A Married Couple To Stay Together!

How do you stay a married couple, in a world where so many people are walking away from their commitments?

Start having fun with easy, unique, and great dates with your spouse!

Here are simple ways to stay married!

married couple

"Quickie Dates For A Married Couple"

When your spouse gets home from a long day at work, (in our case, Mom works outside the home and Dad stays at home). Have the kids head downstairs to play, or pop in a short DVD or movie. Then sit at the kitchen table and have a "Quickie Date"!

Wow, even fifteen minutes can decompress the stress of the day for both of you! Just touch base again. Laugh, vent and plan the evening together.

I first heard of this from a good friend. She said, "Once her kids could be left alone for a little while, she and her husband used to meet in the garage!"

They sat on a couple of lawn chairs, with an ice tea and/or a cold beer.

It gave them time to unwind from work and kids. After just a few minutes alone together, they were ready for the evening routine in family love and without any stress!

"Going Out" Dates

Find the time to actually go out for a date, at least once a month, if not more. Get dressed up a bit, put on make up and smell good.

Now, personally, I cringe at the thought of the cost of food, drinks and a babysitter.


All that is much cheaper than a divorce!

Watch Great Date Movies

There are some Incredible movies that can deepen your relationship as a married couple. (And there are just plain hilarious ones too.)

Re-connect with your husband or wife with a movie that you are both in the mood for. Head to the 'older releases' and save a few more family dollars. Check out Good Date Movies. Renting is cheap, and there is no babysitting cost!

Hint: When you set the example of always dating your spouse, your kids take note. They see the love and effort. Their standards for their future relationships get higher.

You might even want to check out "daughter dates", if you have a daughter at home.

The Best Advice For Couples?

Intercept a problem in your married couple life, before, one even exists!

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