Is Your Kid Watching TV All Bad?

Is TV all BAD? Should there be a limit for your kid watching TV?

Do you want to limit some screen time a bit, but need help cutting back?

According to Focus On The Family, the Oct. 2006, magazine;

900 Hours, per year, is the average a youth spends in school


1,023 Hours, per year, is the average a youth watches TV.

Kids Watching TV in Our Home;

We, as a family love to watch television. But honestly, we were getting addicted to it.

The minute the kids got up in the morning, even before school, at least one kid watching TV , if not all three, was happening constantly. At lunch, while the meal was being prepared, the TV was on. After school, the TV was on. After supper,....You get the point.

What did we do about our Kids Watching TV?

We decided to throw all the TV sets out the window and smash them to smitherines!

NO,... just kidding.

(But we do know people who would suggest this extreme decision. That's just not our style.)

We decided to cut our cable. (a huge money saving tip!) And instead we bought DVD series of our favorite shows.


*Every time we turned the TV on for one show, it turned into three or four shows that the kids were watching. Plus, inappropriate commercials, that I did not want to keep explaining to my children.

*The money we save by buying DVD videos is awesome. We find DVD movies and series at garage sales and online auctions. We also rent movies. Something we already did, only now, we don't pay for both cable and rentals.

*The kids seem to appreciate their 'kid watching TV time' more. It has become something special, instead of constantly on, and taken for granted.

Adjustment for our kids and us?

There is no adjustment! Our kids still watch TV, only now, they are reading more, playing more and looking forward to special movie nights on Friday or Saturday nights!

What wonderful family fun time spent watching TV with your kids. Mom, Daddy, kids cuddling for a show, eating popcorn!Visit Sony Style Canada for Great Sony Offers

We love Super Hero nights with the Justice League, and Little House on the Prairie! (come on, you remember Nellie...and how mean she and her Mom were!)

Find balance in your home. Limiting your kid watching TV is easy and worth it!

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