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Kid Sleep; Over-tired, Overstimulated, Overslept?

Are your kids getting enough sleep? How do we get them to go to bed, and stay there, in the first place?

Kid Sleep - Six Tips For Sleep

Our kids never seemed to sleep through the night. Never. If it wasn't feedings as babies, it was nightmares as youngsters.

Then one day, I had a 'Revelation' about 'Sleep Deprivation'.

We were too active in the evenings. We were either out visiting with friends too late, or watching family movies, or playing. It was all fun but... my kids got over-tired.

Our Plan;

1. Start getting ready for bed at a half an hour, to an hour, before bedtime. I like 8:00 bedtime, because it gives the kids 10-12 hours of sleep. It leaves lots of time to get ready for school the next morning.

With so much time before bed, my kids have plenty of time to pick out their favorite, cute pajamas, get teeth brushed and flossed, Read Stories and have some quiet time with hugs from Mom and Dad.

They even get time to read on their own, for a bit, now that they are older, which relaxes them for a more Sound Sleep.

2. We cut out caffeine after 4:00ish. Caffeine is a stimulant and it dehydrates the body. Kids need their bodies relaxed for a good Kid Sleep. Being dehydrated makes kids thirsty, making them have to go to the bathroom-IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! No Caffeine includes Ice Tea, Soda Pops, Chocolate, and if the truth be told, ice cream makes my kids crazy before bed!

3. We limit food before bed. This is a Weight Loss Tip for adults too. The body needs to rest and repair during it's Sleep. Digesting food takes away from that.

4. Here's my HOT TIP, that you won't read anywhere else!

When your kids want to stay up and watch more T.V. Let them! Only the deal is, at every commercial, they have to shut their eyes...for the whole commercial time.

Just wait for it...wait...it won't be the first commercial break, (they will be giggling in triumph over you!), but watch by the second and third commercial. They will be laying their little heads on their arms, or couch, or you. My Dad pulled this fast one on my sister and I all the time. I don't think we ever made it the entire 1/2 hour show. Good one, Dad!

5. To make my kids stay in bed, Bob and I tell them that we won't come into their rooms for hugs and kisses, until their heads are on the pillows. Then, when they are giggling and yelling, "Our heads are on the pillow!", we wait a few minutes for their heads to get 'heavy' from being tired, and then we go in and sit on their beds to talk and give hugs and kisses. Their heads are so heavy with being tired that it doesn't take long before they are asleep.

6. Be sure to wear them out during the day. Go on Family Fun Walks, or Fishing. Have some Outdoor Recreation and some fresh air. Sleep comes much easier when we are truly tired.

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