Kids are born with a sense of Justice. Everyone has heard a little child say, "She got more than me ". That knowledge of wanting fairness and honesty is something to be honored and encouraged.

How do we teach Integrity and Honesty to our kids? How do we set the example, daily, in our lives and have our kids remember it in their hearts?

We found an Easy, Family Fun way, actually by accident. Teach and live your Family Values daily, with the coolest examples on earth.

The Justice League, or The JLA.

justice league kids climbing the walls

(Maybe my kids have watched too much Spiderman! Ha,ha...)

The stories in the JLA and Marvel Legends T.V. shows and movies are all based on Honor, Integrity, Truth and Honesty. The shows are influencing our kids and backing up what we are trying to teach our children.


Justice League and Marvel Heroes Are Great Because...

  • The Marvel and JLA Heroes work together as a team,
  • They each have different gifts and strengths,
  • They have different ethnic backgrounds,
  • They are all different Sizes and Shapes,
  • and they are Men and Women.

  • _____

    Many of today's heroes are kids; Kim Possible, etc. Let's recapture some respect and invest in Adult Heroes in your kids lives.

    Bob and I grew up watching Christopher Reeve as Superman, and the "New Techno Color Spiderman". Bob still loves all the Action Figures and latest movies coming out today, not to mention the Video Games. I will get him to write and put up pictures of his favorite heroes and villains soon.

    Now we get to pass on the adventures to our kids, and they are loving it. We use the Action figures and video games as incentives for piano playing! See our easy way to Make Piano Lessons Fun.

    Spend some Family Fun time watching Great Heroes, and see how your family values increase.

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