Your Immune System and Your Teeth

Your teeth are affecting your immune system. Your mouth is just as much apart of your body as your stomach and your heart. Now you can get Instant Dental Care with Huge Savings!

Keep reading to find simple advice to get a stronger healthy body!

Sometimes the gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth, so you don't brush or floss again. Who likes their mouth bleeding??


Think about if you cleaned your hair and your scalp bled, or cleaned your fingernails and your fingers started to bleed??? Wow, you would get to the bottom of the problem right away!

Our mouths need more brushing and flossing than ever! It is where we are swallowing and licking with our tongue all day! YUK

Bleeding in our mouths is a bigger problem than just gross or a "bit of gingivitis". It means that the bacteria in our oral cavity is entering our blood stream every time there is bleeding.

This is affecting our immune system since this bacteria, is causing "low grade infection" in our body. Weakening our over-all health. - Choose from over 100,000 participating dentists!

Bacteria from our mouth has been linked to:

*Damage to the Heart

*Increase risk of Stroke

*Weakening the fight against Diabetes

*Low birth weight in new born babies

*Pre-term births


*Tooth loss

*Tooth abscess

What To Do?

1. Visit your dentist, and a dental hygienist, especially if your mouth is hurting.

Or if your mouth is still bleeding after a week of brushing and flossing. There may be tartar, (calculus), built up on the teeth, that you can't remove at home.

- You may need insurance for this, but it is worth it.

Quality Affordable Dental Care with 3 Additional Months FREE!

2. Floss, Floss, FLOSS! It is cheaper than buying fancy tooth brushes and expensive toothpastes AND the untold SECRET is ...


The secret is out!

Toothbrushes, with the exception of the small rechargeable spin brushes, can only remove plaque from the smooth surfaces of your teeth. Your cheeks, tongue, lips and the food you eat are already removing half of that. (Sorry, you still need to brush for the other half!)

It is between the teeth where gum disease and cavities usually begin.

3. Brush with a rechargeable spin brush. They are proven to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

4. Use Listerine. It is the only mouthwash, proven to do more than just taste fresh. It kills significant amounts of bacteria. Less bacteria will strengthen your immune system.

HINT: Kill bacteria, then it can't form plaque. Then plaque can't turn into tartar or cause cavities.

5. Eat healthy, non-sticky foods.

6. Don't sip pop or sugary drinks all day. Your mouth will have an acid attack everytime sugar touches it.

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