Volunteer at your Local Humane Society

Head down with your family and volunteer you time at your local humane society. Build family values while having family fun down at the dog shelter for free!

Develop love and joy in your kids with animals.

Why we love to Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

As you know, we have two dogs at home. An American Bulldog, Cotton, and a Bichon Frise, Mitch. See our dogs.

So why volunteer at the local dog shelter?

We love to volunteer at our local humane society because it has dogs, and cats.

Our girls love cats, but our son is very allergic to them.

Now, when we volunteer, our girls get their "kitten fix" and Bobby doesn't have to be exposed to them.

Win-Win With Volunteering:

Other benefits to volunteering here is that we have family fun playing with the kittens and puppies.


The animals get socialized early with children; which is so important to the animal's social development. Chances of being adopted are better if the cat/dog is good with children.

Our kids feel good inside their hearts and about themselves, when they know they have done something special for another. Which is building family values in them.

We also help walking the dogs. Again it is win-win because as a family we need the exercise and so does the dog who gets out of their little pen and used to a leash.

Adopting an Animal

It is hard to not take them all home with us. We have to tell our children that it is important to keep visiting them all, not just take one home.

We know we help the staff who are trying to get these pets adopted, as many of them are volunteers too.

These adopted animals often make the best pets for some reason. Maybe even the dog or cat knows this is their second chance and are so grateful to have it. Be sure to check out our site map for more information on dog care and supplies before you consider adopting from a shelter. Site Map

Volunteering at the Humane Society is not a huge commitment. You can head down once a year or every week. The helpers there will appreciate any time you can give.

The animals will definitely take all that you can give! Head down there this weekend, it's our best family advice for free family fun and spending time together!

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