Hemroids Relief:

Not many health issues are more private and personal than hemroids, or hemrrhoids. ( No matter how you spell it! )

Did you know, the #1. shoplifted item, in most drugstores, is...yes, Preparation H.

Did you also know, it is not just straining women, during labor who get them? But Body Builders, and many people who have to strain in their jobs! (I hope I didn't ruin the 'sexy look' of those super built bodies!)

You are not alone.


To Get Relief, Try this simple, natural movement for relief.

Stand up tall, on your tip-toes,

Stretch your arms high above your head,

Then bend slowly and gently over towards your feet. (Don't hold your breath. Let it happen gently.)

You may need to lean against a wall for support as you bend over.

Remember to stay on your tip toes!


This may take a week or so, but do not give up. Hopefully, you won't need to see a doctor for this private issue.

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