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These Health Tips have made our lives so much easier.


Our solution was Evening Primrose Oil.

I used to pierce the capsule into my son's milk in the morning. In about a week his skin cleared up.

He caught me once, putting the oil in his milk. He asked if it was a GLOWING vitamin? “Would it give him special power muscles?” (little boys and their muscles!) I said... “YES!”, and he popped it straight into his mouth! He took it for about a year or so and hasn't needed it since.

Canker Sores:

Our solution is Sensodyne with Baking Soda. We tried other brands, if they were on sale, but the canker sores returned.

Warm salt water is a great, natural cure. Have the water as hot as you can stand it. (Test it before you give it to your kids.) Then add as much salt as can be dissolved. Usually a 1/4 cup of water with 2tsp. of salt is fine.

Swish and Spit, swish and spit until the cup is empty. Don't drink it! Try not to rinse the mouth with anything right after. Let the salt do it's job of killing and drying out the virus.

Get some sleep too, you might be run down.

Tooth Advice:

  • Floss (You get off more plaque, than with brushing! ).
  • Brush (Rechargeable Tooth Brushes are proven to be the best ).
  • Listerine (The only proven mouth wash to actually kill enough bacteria in your mouth ).
  • Dental Health Insurance! Family Health Insurance, if you have glasses and other health issues in your family.
  • _____

    Another up and coming break through in tooth care is Xylitol. You can find it in health food stores as gum or mints.

    Xylitol is a natural sugar, but it only has five carbons and regular sugar has six. Bacteria in the mouth eat the five carbon sugar, but can't use it. They spit it out, but keep eating more of it, thinking it is usable sugar still.

    They eventually starve to death. Which means less bacteria and plaque in our mouths, which equals less cavities!

    An exciting health tip for you!

    Ear Infections:

    Try to stop drinking cows milk. We use a combo of Strawberry Soya, Almond Milk and Rice Milk. (The throat infections cleared up too!)

    For sore ears, say from swimming and/or cold air;

    1. I use a combination of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and water (all equal amounts) mixed in a glass an sucked up in a regular syringe (from your local pharmacy) and gently poured into the sore ear. Dry the ear immediately with a towel and a warm hair dryer.

    2. An old-fashioned earache remedy . Take a small cotton ball, spread some Vaseline on one side and sprinkle with pepper, and place it (pepper-side in, of course) into the ear. The pepper produces a pleasant (if anything can be pleasant when one has an earache!) warm feeling that relieves the pain. (Sent to us from Marjorie L. - Thank you!)

    (Although, if the earache doesn't go away overnight, it's wise to consult a doctor to rule out a serious infection.)

    Great health tips for your ears!

    Health Tips For Cold Sores:

    Fletcher's Liquid SORE-Mouth Medicine. Cheap, Great! ( Get some sleep, you are probably a little stressed too!)

    If you can't get to your bottle of Fletcher's, I suggest Carmex.

    It is the equivalent of Buckley's cough syrup; 'It tastes awful, but it works'. You can have it in a purse or pocket if you begin to feel "the tingle" in your lips.


    The bodies best cure! Let it repair itself . Rest, sunshine and good eating - It got many people through the Great Plagues of the past, while they where still trying to find vaccinations.

    And Remember; more Sleep is also a Great Health Tip for losing weight.

    Your body burns tons of calories while it is repairing muscles, cells and re-balancing our hormones! Sleeping = No Nibbling, so ... go relax!

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    These health tips do not replace doctors advice.