Gypsy - Best Family Pet

by Katharine
(Naperville, IL)

Gypsy's Dog Hives

Gypsy's Dog Hives

Gypsy's Dog Hives
Best Family Pet
dog hives

I couldn't believe when I saw the pic of Cotton and her hives...poor thing. Take a look at this...our pup Gypsy, an American Bulldog/Pit mix had the EXACT thing happen to her. Actually, just happened for the first time yesterday..that's how we found your a panic. Hope this is a short term fall allergy..I know I'm suffering with allergies too at this time of year. Benadryl has been helping so far.

Whatcha think...looks a bit like Cotton...looks like they both put their brown lipstick on crooked lol. And, we love the name Cotton too...btw! We tried to come up with a "white" name...had Bianca, Snow, Pearl...never thought of cute! Looking back I think we should have done Neopolitan, like the ice cream...cause she's not just white and brown...she also gets very pink when she's cute...could have called her Neo.

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