Great Riddles For Kids

by abc

1. What happens when you throw a yellow rock in a purple stream?

Answer: It makes a splash.

2. What is exactly in the middle of Paris?

ans: The letter 'R'.

3. Why do chickens lay eggs?

ans: Because if they drop them, they will break.

4. Why is six afraid of seven?

ans: Because seven eight nine (read, seven ate nine).

5. What is in seasons, seconds, centuries and minutes but not in decades, years or days?

ans: The letter 'n'.

6. The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?

ans: darkness

7. What's black when you get it, red when you use it, and white when you're all through with it?

ans: charcoal

8. What starts with a T, ends with a T, and is full of T?

ans: a teapot

9. What question can you never honestly answer yes to?

ans: Are you asleep?

10. The more you take, the more you leave behind.

ans: Footsteps.

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