Free Genealogy Tools

Find free genealogy tools to get started. Your ancestry is your own unique footprint of your family. It is a history of treasures and stories just waiting to be discovered.

Remember that nothing is too insignificant to note. Just like any good detective in CSI, copy down every little detail because you never know where it may lead you next!

Genealogy Tools - Libraries

Start at libraries. Check out;

  • Lineage Society Libraries
  • Public and Private Libraries
  • Lending Libraries
  • Genealogical and Historical Society Libraries
  • University and College Libraries
  • Ethnic and Religious Libraries (I know our church records the names and dates of families for baptisms!)

  • Free Ancestry / Genealogy Resources

    What are you looking for at these libraries? Here is what you will want to write down for your records.

  • Birth date and birthplace,
  • Names of parents,
  • Death dates and town or township,
  • Military service, (Bob's great grandpa served under the Czar!)
  • Biography, hopefully with a picture,
  • Marriage date, place, and spouse,
  • Acreage owned by family members,
  • Names and addresses of relatives and when they moved into the country or left the country,
  • Occupations of parents and relatives,

  • More Genealogy Tools - Free

    Look for these resources with your research for your ancestry.

  • School Records,
  • Obituaries/Necrology/Funeral Records,
  • Old Settlers' Files,
  • Vertical Family Files,
  • Tombstone Surveys,
  • Artifacts and Photographs,
  • City Directories,
  • County Histories and Indexes,
  • Published Vital Records,
  • Published Deeds, probate and court records,
  • Scrapbooks,
  • Gazetteers and Atlases,
  • Voting Registers.

  • Become a family detective. When you research your heritage and create a family tree, you really create a family treasure!

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