Fluffy Cuddlepoof

by Kailyn Scott
(Pataskala, Ohio, U.S.A)

Border Collie: Fluffy Cuddlepoof

Border Collie: Fluffy Cuddlepoof

Well, the truth is this is not my dog, BUT, he is so cute I wanted to share him with you!!!

Ohh, and don't get mad when I tell you that this is NOT his real name. In fact, I don't even know this dog.

So, here's the story: I just LOVE Border Collies (that's this type of dog) and the only type of dog we have ever had was....Boxers. I wanted to get a Border Collie soooo bad and I think they're so cute so I looked at some pictures of them and it took me awhile, but i finally found this ohh-so-cute dog and I saved the picture of it on my computer.
Now I want a dog that looks just like it!!!

I hope all you readers aren't mad at me for showing you someone else'a dog, but..... he's just TOO adorable!!!!! :D how cute can they get?

I mean, COME ON people! He's a cutie little fluffy puppy!!! You can't resist! Hope you liked "MY" ( as in not really mine :P ) dog that I submitted.

Fellow person,

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