Easy Fasting Advice

What is the best Fasting Advice?

Getting back to the basics of natural weight loss begins with daily fasting. Sound too tough to stick with? It is actually the most natural healthy way to maintain a normal weight.

You don't need to buy fancy expensive cleanses, or foods. Just don't eat for twelve hours a day.

How? Stop eating after supper. Make sure you had a delicious dessert! Don't eat or drink anything with calories until the next morning at the same time you stopped eating the night before.

For example, if you finished dinner at 7:00p.m., don't eat until the next morning at 7:00a.m.

Do you work weird hours? That's okay, still allow your body to rest from ingestion and digestion. Let the blood flow go to your muscles, glands, and internal organs; instead of your stomach. Your body needs to heal itself from the daily stress of work, kids, pollution, etc.

What about late night movie snacking? Go for it, but not every night. Save yourself for the weekends, or special times. Make yourself a tall glass of fresh clean water. Then in the morning, when you have your breakfast,...when you "BREAK your FAST", see how flat your tummy is becoming!

You won't be carrying pounds of undigested food in your lower intestines.

You will have more energy because your body was able to rest and repair itself. Including regulating hormones. All of which requires burning calories. You will not only be losing weight from not over eating, but from your body working out while it's sleeping!

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