Family Fun! Family Fun!

Family Fun. A wise woman once told me,
"Families That Play Together, Stay Together."

Explore all these parenting tips and Fun Ideas for getting back to the basics of Family Love. There are so many links you will have to visit often to see them all.

family fun

("Grandpa having Family Fun and eating popcorn with his Grandkids.")


All of these activities are very affordable. And all the information here is free for you to enjoy and be inspired to spend time together.


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Have family fun!

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Recreation Outdoors

Go for a walk. BORING , you're thinking??? Wait until you check out our Family Fun Walks.

Maybe you need a Family Vacation. Top 10 Vacation Destinations! It can be excellent outdoor recreation and Family Fun.
You will have lasting memories with a Family Vacation.

Or spend your walk on the golf course. Go as a family or as a fun date! You might even make a vacation around golfing. It will be a relaxing time, with a little bit of family fitness! Check out our Golfing Fun.

Depending on the weather, get out and plant some flowers. It's an easy, cheap
Family Activity With Plants.

Go fishing together. You can fish in the summer or winter. It doesn't have to cost much, or take forever to do. Fishing is fun for all ages. Bring food, drinks, and maybe a good book if your more of the spectator or cheerleader type fisherman and have some family fun! Including our photos, here is our Family Fishing Advice.

Dates Are Family Fun Too

Need to pay some attention to your love life? Are you a Single Parent Looking for a Great Relationship? If you are single, check out the
Yahoo! Personals. They have a 7 Day FREE Trial offer.

Staying married, for the kids? Put the fun back into your marriage and check out these original Fun Date Ideas.

We have also provided some excellent eBooks on intimacy that you won't want to miss. The internet is amazing that you can get information in the privacy of your own home. Click the link and scroll down to find
Creative Secrets and Intimacy Ideas. Pick and choose what books you need right now. You don't have to buy them all at once!

Family Fun - Indoor Stuff

Want to stay inside? Check out these simple, relaxing, Family Games that are quality and quantity for family fun.

What about a Super-Popular Hobby, especially with the holidays coming, of being a detective of your family ancestry? Have fun with you family history, turning it into a family treasure. See our Family Tree Information.

Check out our The Coolest Action Figure Set-up that anyone can do. Get creative with this Fun Advice For Kids.

After that, you can check out How we make Reading some of our
Best Family Advice.

Does someone, or everyone in your house love to be inside on the computer? Have Family Fun With Your Own Website! You are on the computer already.

I personally don't know anything about computers, except to surf the net. So all the tools I needed, I found in one place. Have your Blog, Videos, eBooks all done from one place.

Let someone else deal with the 'HTML' and 'jpegs', you just have fun with your new Web Site as One of your Great Family Activities! If I can do it, can do it. - Visit this website for information and ideas in country decorating, scrapbooking as a family activity, stenciling, recipes for entertaining family and friends in your country home, and much more.

Teenagers. Want the Top Tips For Parenting Your Teenager?

Or do you want to get your teenager talking to you? Get them talking. Build a solid, honest relationship with your teen. Go to Get Your Teenager Talking.

Are you raising a Daughter? Two, out of our three kids, are girls. Want some awesome family advice and ideas for mother daughter, or father daughter time? Don't miss scrolling down this page for you and your Daughter.

Have your own Home Spa! Treat yourselves to a natural beauty spa with this great advice. What wonderful memories with your daughter(s). It's so simple and any age child - teen will love to have your own
Special Spa Fun!

Do you have a young Mom in your family or friends? Babies bring tons of family joy! I don't know a child who doesn't like to hold a baby.
Here is where your creative kid can have a lot of fun. And the not-so-creative kid gets to eat treats and play some cool games!

Throw a cool baby shower! Here's a free baby shower resource to throwing a simple baby shower to an upscale baby shower. It includes free down loadable planning checklist, ideas for baby shower themes, games and activities, decorations, centerpieces, menus and recipes, favors and invitations.
Babies are the ultimate family fun way to spend time together. Go to Cool Baby

What are you going to buy them? Think about an original gift, such as entering them into the 2007 Cute Kid of The Year Cutest Baby Picture Competition Win College Tuition, Prizes & More

Speaking of cute kids, if you have one in your home and need some family friendly advice, go to the Parenting Toddlers Website. You will find advice for everything from toddlers' safety, potty training, disciplining your toddler, and various activities for your little one.

Do your kids spend time with the T.V.? Ours do. But now, we spend it with them! It is a Family Fun idea that we all look forward to! We are doing it even though we cut our cable and satellite to save money. Find out how you can save money, and feel really good about your Kid Watching T.V.

Because they are trusted, you can also Visit Sony Style Canada for Great Sony Offers for your T.V. needs.

**Don't forget the Treats! Here is one of our Favorite Snacks to make together for our family movie nights. Yes, you guessed it, popcorn. But not just any popcorn,... Check Out Our Popcorn Recipe! Or how 'bout some Delicious, Creamy, Smooth, Homemade Ice Cream, without the ice cream machine! Here's an our recipe for the Best Ice Cream!

Food; You've got to eat. Turn food into family fun in your kitchen!

Experiment, Eat, Enjoy!! Try Our Best Recipes.

Laughter = Family Fun

When was the last time you had a good laugh with your kids?
My kids have the most hilarious giggles once they get laughing. So, my daughter and I are having family fun with this site by having her very own Kids Jokes Page.

We are having fun spending Time together working on her web page, and having fun sharing jokes! My Son is now building his own Fun For Kids Page at Riddles For Kids.

My youngest daughter is in on the action with her Funny Poems.

An important Parenting Tip is to capture all your memories with;
Family Photos. Make sure to frame the photos and put them up around the house. It's good advice for your kids, and teens, to see how happy their lives and home are. (And a great reminder in the tough times of your relationship.)

Photo collages are great for scrapbooking, party posters and framed mementos. And are a fun family craft to do together.

Click here for our Simple Family Advice on the more formal Family Portraits.


Think about learning something new? Did you always wish you could play an instrument? Do you already play one and want to pass the gift of music on to your kids? Check out this valuable, simple way of motivating your children. Our kids ask us if they can "Please play the piano now!" Come read to Find Out How Fun Playing Piano Can Be!

*Also, go to Learn Piano for Free Piano Lessons and Information, all to do with the piano. At Learn

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