When you think of family, what does it mean to you?

How do you have a great one?

Is there some secret to happy families?

When I think of "family" I think of tons of things. Children, love, bonding and being together...though I also think of "In-laws", or as some of my friends refer to theirs as "Out-Laws". But that's beside the point.

There is no perfect relationship, is there? Whether it is between husband and wife, parent and child, or between siblings. There are always ups and downs.

But I have been thinking about this whole 'Happy Family' idea. What do some families seem to have that makes them 'work', or be so great?

The Perfect Family

Now I know you are going to say, "This site is based on the Best Advice as being Time", and it is, but my brain has been working on another word that time with your loved ones takes.


Time takes Sacrifice. Over and over I see 'successful' couples sacrifice for one another.

Have you sacrificed for someone you love lately? Maybe it was when you sacrificed your own time from work, or the dishes and laundry and just got on the floor and played with your kids.

Or maybe you sacrificed money and decided to stay home and raise your kids, like Bob and I have. It is sometimes a tough sacrifice the extra money, to drive old cars, and not buy all the Toys we would like, but it is so worth when I see how fast our kids are growing up.

I hope that by our example, that we are teaching our children how to sacrifice of themselves for others around them. Showing and talking to them about how People are worth more than 'Things'. Teaching them that giving up what we think We Want gets us what we Really Need.

Have we sacrificed our pride and let someone else be 'right' in an argument? Bob and I have tried to do this in our marriage and relationship, only to have the other person realize that they were wrong in the first place. Did we sacrifice the 'pleasure' of saying "I told you so!" Yes...usually.

Have you sacrificed for yourself lately? Have you given up that second piece of chocolate cake for a slimmer body in the future? Or sacrificed going out for drinks with friends so that you could read stories with your kids and put yourself to bed early for a good nights sleep. It is worth it when we sacrifice now, for the future benefits.

Dr. James Dobson, from Focus on the Family, talks often of his Fathers sacrifice. He sacrificed his career. James' Dad worked on the road a lot, but when James became an 'unruly' teenager, his Mom called his Dad, and in one short sentence said, "I need you." That week, his dad quit his job, and moved everyone 200 miles away to a small town, got a job where he was always home, an spent his days with his son, fishing and just spending time together.

Sacrifice For Family

I don't think there is some big mystery behind these 'Happy Families' anymore. I think, don't you, that they just sacrifice more than others.

I hope I can sacrifice something today to make a better relationship tomorrow, with someone including myself.

How about you? Name those significant people in your life, or from movies you love, or books you've read. Did they sacrifice something? Were they your hero because of it?

Okay, finish up your surfing on the Internet and spend some Time with your loved ones. The sacrifice is worth it. It's our Best Family Advice!
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