Family Values

Love, Respect, Justice, Honor, Integrity


What do 'Family Values' look like to you?

How do we get our kids to live according to the highest values in our homes?

Bob and I have learned simple solutions.
In our home, Respect and Love is Family Fun.

When I first looked up 'Values' in the dictionary, all I could find were definitions on worth and and cost. I knew family values were deeper than cash. But I also knew they were worth something and came with a cost, especially if we didn't teach out children values.

We have discovered a Family Fun way to teach and reinforce Honesty, Truth and Justice in our home. Go to Fun Family Values. And then read all about How Volunteering Builds Family Values.

Dignity is a huge Family Value. See how Etiquette is not about Dainty, but Dignity. Here simple Etiquette Tips.

Love and Respect in our Families Values

Love and Respect: Can we have one, without the other?

Yes, absolutely. In the military, one respects the commanding officer, but does one actually love them? In our homes, if we are very high disciplinarians, without love, our children respect the authority but, do they love us?

Our hearts long to love, but some peoples actions constantly degrade our respect for someone.

**A survey taken of men and women said, "Men would rather be respected, than loved". Many didn't see the difference even. If you didn't respect them, than you didn't love them.

Interesting, isn't it.

I asked my husband, and my male boss, what they preferred; love or respect? Both answered, "Respect".

So, how do we achieve both in our families? How do we teach our children respect and love?


Teaching Respect and Love

When it comes to love and respect, teaching our children means less talking about it, and a lot more modeling it. Here is practical Parenting Advice for Values In Our Homes.

Now, this might sound 'chauvinistic' but, I am starting to see that it might be a woman's job to teach and model Respect, and a man's job to teach and model Love.

Okay, okay,...check out My Reason For Saying It Might Be A Woman's Job To Teach Respect. Tell me what you think when you get there!

Men are not off the hook here. Here's my Family Advice For Men.

Women and Respect

One book, that we read in our Book Club, really sent the message home for me. "For Women Only", by Shaunti Feldhahn. A must read if any of this strikes a cord with you. It is small and fun to read. There is also a man's version, "For Men Only", by her and her Husband, Jeff Feldhahn. Bob actually read it, and loved it! (And he is not a big fan of these kinds of books). Check them out!

Family Values; Men and Love

Men are not by nature, super 'lovey-dovey'.

If their father shows his love to his wife and kids; his boy(s) will respect him, and also model that love to his Mom and others.

Dad, if you don't know how to show your family love, just ask your wife and kids. They will respect you for asking and let you know how they need to be loved. Love looks different for everyone. It takes practice. Don't give up.

You and your family are Worth It!

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