Family Vacations

family vacations

One of Our First Big Family Vacations Together. Here's Mom and the kids with 'Flick' in Florida at Walt Disney World. It was Wonderful Family Fun and our memories get a Huge thumbs up from everyone! I have a few hundred photos to put on with this one, but you need to get creating your own family travel photo albums.


Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking, "Family Vacations?!"

"Summer just ended...The kids just had two months off of school...We already spent our time and money on travel plans..."

"How is this some of your Best Family Advice?!"

Well. I just finished paying for three kid's piano lessons (not cheap, but worth it), and basketball, and school fees, and new clothes and shoes that fit them (indoor and outdoor shoes), etc, etc.

I am thinking that as soon as all of these activities and homework begin to pile up,...that I am definitely going to want a family vacation!

Maybe you have a teenager in their last year of school? Do you want to have them to yourselves before they are off to work or post-secondary school? Plan for your special family travel now. Remember, you can start saving some of the money now, and whatever you haven't covered yet for expenses, you can always pay back, can't get the time back with your kids.

Are you a couple that needs a getaway couple date? Did you put off your honeymoon, like Bob and I, because of school or money or time? And now years have gone by without that special honeymoon together?

It sounds like it is time to start planning a trip together, and/or as a family.

Planning For Your Family Vacations

If you are like me, and have kids and a crazy schedule at times, you are going to want to travel a bit come Christmas holidays. Yes, they seem far away right now, but your family budget is going to need this time to start saving for a stress-free trip.

Sit down as a family a start thinking of places you would like to visit. Are you homebodies and just want to camp near home? Do you like to visit family every chance you can? Or, have you always wanted to go on a cruise or finally see Disney World? Maybe you think family fun means quietly sitting on the beach,...or maybe you are the type to get up early everyday and conquer the fastest rides and thrills.
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Be open to a few ideas. In our home, we are combination of all of the above. But we do agree that family fun memories are what family travel are all about.

Your kids will get excited too. When we were planning to go to Disney, our children loved to cut back for the family budget in certain areas in anticipation of our family travel plans. It worked great when they started to whine for anything! We just barely mentioned Disney and it was quiet and peaceful.

Check out our Family Budget Worksheet to start learning about your spending and saving. It's going to start getting VERY cold before you know it and you'll be glad you saved for your awesome family vacations.

Start browsing online for ideas! Gather the family around the computer and have some family fun planning your next family vacation!


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