Family Tree

Your Family Tree...Take Pride In Your Heritage.

Your kids are not an accident. They are apart of a family history.

But what is your family history?
Find out, so that you can share rich stories of the past with your kids.

Let them know that what they do, and who they become, will make up the future of your family history.

Children can take pride in the history that they will make, once they have heard where they have come from.

Who is in your family history? Who Are Your Ancestors? Build a heritage for your kids by finding out. Are you from royalty? Did your family overcome hard times? Research your past.

Begin by building your family tree. Start with yourself and your parents, then build out from there. Involve your children. Get them to "interview" grandma and grandpa. What family fun! Spend time going through old photos too.

When you are asking your relatives about your family past, at some point you will hit a jack-pot of information from the least expected relative! So go slow and steady with this project. Have fun, you and your kids will love to hear all the stories.

By doing this, it will give you a base from which you can easily find any gaps in your knowledge and it will highlight the questions you’ll need to ask your other relatives.

Get asking your other family members about their past. This will build bridges with your entire family and your children. By the time you have your next family reunion, or gathering, everyone will want in on the search AND a copy of what you have found out so far! Hint: Save your research and give it as a gift for Christmas and/or Birthdays!

Find your relatives, and share with them your family. Others will be interested in your children too.

Here are top website links to get you started. These are the ones that I know, because my Grandparents were from England and surrounding areas.

Family Tree - Search Online

• An unrivalled, easy-to-use family tree builder
• 500 million names in family trees and historical records
• Census Records 1841-1901
• Birth, Marriage & Death indexes 1837-2004
• Military Records including WW1 and WW2 death records

Genes Reunited visitors register free to search and build their family tree.

Wow, your kids will have stories to pass on to their children.

Family Tree - Search - - Search MILLIONS of names

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(last name before marriage)
find family
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Family Tree - Keeping Records

Why not start your searching for FREE at your local library? We have put together lists of free places and ideas to start your
Free Genealogy Searching!

Meet your ancestors. Learn their stories. It's some of our Best Family Advice, to pass on to your children.

Is this a project you will get done in one weekend? No, it will become a family fun hobby. Genealogy is the #1 hobby on the Internet and is becoming a passion for millions of people, just like you, around the world.

Check out The Family Database at OneGreatFamily They have created a way for you to easily store your genealogical information, collaborate with others, and watch your family tree grow over time.

Be sure to stay current with your family portraits to document your own family history. OK, it's fun to just look at pictures too!

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