The Family Portrait

family portrait

"A Family Portrait Gives Good Family Memories."

Candid pictures are great, and so are more formal Family Portraits. There are many department stores and of course portrait studios for taking your family pictures. You can spend a little or a lot.

The cost is always worth it!


What to wear for your family portrait;

We find that wearing solid colored shirts, even in the same color hues (like all blues), ensures that the focus will be on your smiling faces, and not on a loud print on your shirt.

But convincing everyone in your family to wear similar clothes in not alway easy!


Family Portrait Photographers

Get recommendations for a good photographer- someone good and patient with children.

But remember too, your kids might not have had a great sleep, the night before, or are a bit sick, the day of the photos. And try not to book your sitting right before lunch or supper. Hungry kids and a hungry photographer might make for poor memories and poor pictures.

So stay positive even if they are half frowning for the family photo. (These are actually some of the funniest pictures in our home, with the best memories! )

family portrait

"Okay, okay....It was MOM not smiling!"

But we had tried 'Umpteen' times to get a good picture. Bobby, my son, was giggling so much and tickling his little sister. Which got Adrienne tickling him! I was getting tired of fake smiling and a little embarrassed with all the antics of my family.

("AND... I had tried to cut my own hair that morning!" - don't ask.)

Bob thought this was all pretty funny, and now we have family fun memories of this family portrait.


What About Individual Pictures At The Family Portrait Sitting?

What if the Photographer wants to take individual photos too?

Is he/she just trying to make extra money off you?

Maybe,... but they are sure worth it!

HINT: Before you even enter the studio, have a budget of what you want to spend. Do not go over that amount. Be reasonable in costs though. Prop, film, developing all cost your photographer.

If you cannot afford much, wait for a sale at places like Sears or Walmart. You still get great photos, but at a fraction of the cost.

baby portraits

("Paige Is Too Precious For Words.")


baby portrait

"Here is our Adrienne as a baby! Check out how much she has grown and changed! Go to her Kids Jokes page and see! Adrienne's Kids Jokes.

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