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kids dress up

("One Of Our Great Family Photos.")

From the moment your kids were born you have told yourself, "I will never forget this moment"!...

Take Family Photos to make sure.

After our second baby was born, I was sitting in the hospital with him. Then my first child walked through the door to see her new baby brother. She was not quite two years old. My jaw dropped! Where did my baby girl go?? She seemed so big now!

Then it happened with my third child too! I can't tell you the intense relief of knowing I have tons of family pictures of my kids growing up.

Don't miss all the precious little details from the time they are babies, to teens, and then grown!

Family Portraits - Your Past

When your children were born, what was the first thing you, and everyone around you, asked?

Who does he/she look like???

And then over the months and years that same question is still asked! Your growing kids are developing and changing all the time.

In our home, ALL MY KIDS take after their Dad's side!

But my husband doesn't have tons of family photos to compare with. I have way more than he does. But the kids don't look like me?!

Do you wish you had more pictures of your past? Make sure you take lots of pictures for your kid's future. They will have a rich past with you to share with their families!

Family Photos of your Family Life;

The picture of my "fire and ice" kids above, was just a typical day of 'dress-up' in our home. They play dress-up so often that I almost forgot to capture it. Thankfully, not this day!

Not only will YOUR KIDS LOVE their pictures being taken, but they will love the pictures years from now!

They will look through your photo albums over the years, and when they are parents.

They will know they had a terrific family life! The proof will be in your family pictures.

**Whether it is in the moment of capturing the picture, or the times spent sitting on the bed or couch, looking through your albums, family photos are incredibly valuable family fun time! It might bring a tear to the toughest Dad! And for sure a grin to the coolest teen!

**Even going to the Photo Shop/Lab is fun because of the anticipation of seeing your photos! Grab a drink and sit in a restaurant to "Oooh, and Ahhh" over your kids. They love it! It is a great Family Tradition.

Do you have great photos but don't know what to do with them? Learn how to create photograph gifts, cards, and CDs, protect and restore photos with hundreds of photo project ideas. Go to Photo Opps.

**Add to the family fun by giving your kids a disposable camera! Kids love to take pictures and a disposable camera means yours won't get dropped or scratched. These cameras give a pretty good photo and are reasonably priced.

What about a Family Portrait? Where should you go? What should you wear as a family? Are they worth the price? What if they try to take individual photos? Are they just trying to make money off you? Check out these tips for your Family Portrait.

family portrait

"My girls out having Family Fun together, building a 'Snow Bench'!" ("I am glad I didn't miss this!")

To Get Those Precious Family Photos Remember;

Our Best Family Advice is to spend time with your kids. You will be able to capture your memories when you are with them!

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