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Something you will be hearing about, if you haven't already is the health issue of a Pandemic Flu. This is a major concern for kids health. Find out more about The Pandemic Flu - Get Informed.

Do you need to Quit Smoking Now ? You can do it!

When my son was a young toddler he had eczema. I talked with our doctor and skin specialist, without results. I tried every cream we could afford. I really just wanted his skin to "work". Finally, I found out that his skin didn't use oils in his regular diet. Just change the oil?! Our solution for


This young son also suffered from canker sores. Have you ever tried to get a four year old to swish with warm salt water?! Our solution to
Canker Sores.

Never Pay Full Price for a Dentist Again!

My son also has tooth problems. The new adult molars, that came in at six years old, were brown and mottled. He likely had a fever as a baby, that damaged the forming tooth. Get a discount dental plan for dental work. One great option is Aetna Dental Access
Aetna Dental Access® We have done some fillings to repair them, but we will wait and see if they need more work.

See how your Teeth Affect your Immune System.

You can also check out sound advice on how to strengthen your immune system without nutrition, and using food (including vitamins, herbs, and minerals) to build your immune system up, at Immune System Remedies.

Remember that what we put into our bodies affects our health. Food might be the family advice you need! If you are a meat eater, you will want to read and 'digest' everything about "Good Fats" in
The BEST BEEF for Health.

Our daughter, on the other hand, battled ear and throat infections. ( I guess it isn't always just one child in need of some health advice!). She was on antibiotics every other month, it seemed. It also meant lots of fever reducing medications. Check out an ear infection tip, sent to us, and our solution for Ear Infections.

Cold sores are another family health issue. I know, I get them. Here is help with Cold Sore Advice.

Need some Family Health Advice about such things as; the Water we drink, the different 'Sugars' out there, and the Fiber in our diets? Check out You-Are-What-You-Eat. They are loaded with helpful information on health and great links.

Remember to get enough


Don't under estimate how important it is! It is one of the bodies best cures! Let it repair itself. Rest, sunshine and good eating. It got many people through the great plagues of the past, while they where trying to find vaccinations.

HINT: More Sleep is also great family health advice for losing weight. Your body burns tons of calories while it is repairing muscles, cells and re-balancing our hormones!

(Plus, if you're sleeping, you're not nibbling!)

Read our Easy Fasting Advice for Weight Loss. and then you can Click for My Weight Loss Tips.

Mom! Check out this information just for you! Because you are more than a Mom, wife, sister... you are a


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