The Best Family Games When You Are Exhausted!

Family Games??? NOW??? You just got home from work and are exhausted, or the kids kept you up all night with one thing or another. But, now they want to play with you! "Let's Play, Let's Play!"

Smiling Kids

You try to smile, and bribe them to go play downstairs, or go watch some T.V., or anything else. But they reeeally just want to be with you.

YOU are now going to be ARMED and READY to play.

Playing Family Games While Lying Down

Go lay down on the couch...Get really comfortable...Make sure you are out of your work clothes and wearing something comfy.

If you have girls, start playing:

Make-up and Nails! How to play;

The girls get all the eyeshadow, blush and nail polish they have ever gotten from every birthday and Christmas, and put it all over you! (My girls love this game.) They do not care if you are Mom, Dad or Grandpa!

Then, tell them to 'surprise you', by doing their own make-up and nails! They will NOT let you move from the couch until they are done! Mmmm, more relaxing time for you.


Hair and Dress-up. Even boys love to create cool Mohawks, or Nerdie parts down the middle of their heads, and dress up in their toughest or craziest clothes.

How to play;

The kids get a small cup of water, to wet a comb, and then they get designing all the latest hairdo's, on you! If they have barrettes and scrunchies, then all the more fun! (Even my son gets in on this, if it involves spiking his hair.)

Then ask them to get dressed up! Put on a fashion show for you!

Play Dress-Up!

Again, as with the make-up, you cannot move, more relaxing, and wreck the hair styles. (Remember to ask them to do their own too!)

(Are your feet feeling relaxed with these family games yet?)

More Family Games;


How to play;

Think of all your favorite 'one liners' from movies, video games, commercials and each other! Let everyone else try to figure out who you are. (I think my husband likes this game more than the kids!)

(Still laying down? - Good.)

Family Games; The Classics For At Home Or Family Travel

These include;

Eye Spy.
Remember? "I spy with my little eye...something 'blue'."

Hot and Cold.
Remember this one? You pick and object in the room (as you lay on the bed, couch or rumpus room floor)and the kids have to figure out what it is with the only clues being, "You're getting warmer!, no, colder now,...Super Hot, Super HOT!"

20 Questions.

This family game is great for trips too. You just think of an animal, easiest for children, and they try to guess what animal you are thinking of. We sometimes need more than 20 questions, but as the kids get older they will be able to figure it out sooner. The trick is that you can only answer, "yes" or "no". If you are thinking of a dog, the kids will ask, "Does it have two legs?"...answer; No. "Does it have feathers?"...No. "Does it have fur?"...Yes! etc, etc.

Family Games; Cards and Board Games

Cards ; Contact us for the rules if you are a bit rusty on the details.

Crazy Eights
Go Fish
Solitaires, while you watch them play.

Board Games ; These are our favorites. I think their might be some you haven't heard of, but are super fun! You can get these online, or at garage sales to save money! Just watch for age appropriateness in any of the games you choose.

Monopoly (Kids Monopoly is available)
Strawberry Shortcake
Spill the Beans
Scrabble, (Kids Scrabble is available)
Mancala - very original, very fun!
Connect Four

You will never regret the family time you spend with your kids. They will treasure the memories their whole lives.

When you put your Family First, you have a Happy Family!

Keep searching for more family fun advice. There are so many fun things for kids and parents to do together.

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