Family Fun Walks

We're not talking about just any ol' boring walk,...but A Family Fun Walk!

family fun

Something magical happens when when our bodies get moving and the fresh air hits our lungs....(And when our kids quit complaining about being dragged away from the video games, etc. Ha, Ha!)

Everyone gets dressed properly for the weather and terrain. We don't usually have to go far for fun, but once we get outside, our kids usually want to stay out for a long time! Everybody will be glad they dressed well!

To Make The Walk Special;

1. Go in the evening when it is getting dark and bring a flashlight!

It is great if everyone gets to hold their own.

Your kids will have so much fun with this, that you will be their Heroes and have the best childhood memories!

And believe it or not, your teenager will even think this walk is cool, especially if you go out late enough. (They will finally talk about everything! No silent moods on this type of walk!)

If you are kind of tired and you don't feel like going too far, you can even explore the backyard with your flashlights too!


2. In the summertime, walk at dusk. We discovered that most families are home from work and making supper, so the streets are empty. Guess what comes out? BATS!

Okay, gross and scary right?! But, if you have boys (actually my girls think they are cool and exciting too!) You will be the coolest parents in the world!

Then get home and research them on the computer or the library! Talk about fun and learning! Kids love to explore. This is a great way!


3. Bring your dog. Have Family Fun Walks with your puppy too! Check out our

Best Family Dog for getting a lifestyle of family fitness.


4. Our winters get pretty cold, as in -35 degrees Celsius, plus the wind chill factor! So our walks become quick, but still fun. We dress warm and giggle about getting home for hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows!

So spend the family time having having fun and creating great memories!

Photo by notsogoodphotography =-)

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