Action Figures!

Get creative with this family fun advice for kids. Check out these pictures of very cool ideas to do with your kids and their toys.

This is just a red light bulb and some tissue paper.

Whether it is 100.4F, (+38 degrees Celsius), or -36.4f, (-38 degrees Celsius), this is Super Family Fun for all ages and kids.

Set Up...Without The Special Light;

action figures

With The Simple Red Light;

Action Figures

Bobby spent lots of time working and perfecting this set up! It was super fun to turn out the lights and see everything glowing. I love how creative our kids are when we give them a few ideas to run with! Spend time with your kids, it's our best family advice, and have tons of fun with them. Don't forget your camera! Family Photos Are Fun!

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Here's another example of family fun for kids! Get creative and look around your house for fun ways of making action figures more exciting. Your kids will never forget how much fun they had with you.

acion figures family fun

Which becomes....

family fun

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