Family Fishing Advice For Fun!

Here's our family fishing advice for tons of fun!

It's hot and it's gorgeous out. The kids are up early and already bored. Get a net and a couple of rods and head out to the local fishing hole.

Here's some family photos of us out one morning. We don't even own a fishing boat! These are fish caught off the shore.

We have a lot of family fun even if we don't catch anything because there are cool rocks, crayfish, and beach to run along.

No matter what age your kids are, fishing is great. Family fishing fun might include one of your kids bringing a good long book, or sun tanning in a chair. Let them just be around you. You will be amazed at what conversations you will have after awhile. And sometimes there will be no talking at all. Just being together will create wonderful memories for you and your great kids.

There have been times one of my kids didn't want to go fishing. They threatened to stay in the vehicle the whole time. But the enthusiasm was too much by the time we got there and they were the ones who caught the BIGGEST fish!

Q. What fish swims at 100mph?

A. A Motor Pike. (More Kids Jokes HERE!)

family fishing fun

fishing fun

family fishing fun

fishing fishing

We have been very lucky to see amazing wild life. We get home and look up the animals we have seen. Here are some pelicans lined up. Once we saw a bright green grass snake! I wish we had brought the camera that day. I was too grossed out to touch it, but the kids loved it!

pelicans in the wild

Go on, head to the local store to buy a net, rod, some bait, (the store will know what you need for the fish in your area), a cheap bucket to put the fish in, and get out with your family for some fun times. OR...
If you broke it, lost it, need it cheap or just can't find it anywhere else, find it at eBay!

Bring some drinks and snacks. Have an adventure. It's great family fishing advice!

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