The Family Dollar

How do you begin talking about the family dollar with your spouse?

How do you avoid the 'silent' treatment or ensuing argument about the family budget? Money is the number one topic couples fight about. Let's get constructive. Let's work together for your financial goals.

Top 6 Ways To Get Talking About The Family Dollar

1. Find out how much interest you are paying monthly and annually. This amount will speak louder than your words.

2. Mention exciting dreams you have once you have financial freedom. Do you want to take that Hot Family Vacation? Go for family fun or just as a couple date (Renew Your Vows at Sandals Resorts. Find out more. ) Hint, hint ;)!

But seriously, get excited together about having extra cash for that special something you both have always talked about...

3. Pray. Hmmm, depending on the 'discussions ' you have already had concerning money, maybe you should start with this!

4. Have you been recording your spending on a Family Budget Worksheet? Again, let the numbers sink in and do the talking for you. You will avoid those pitfalls of coming off as a 'nag', or disrespectful, or un-trusting.

5. Here is a big one. Are you ready? Watch your own spending. This was a tough one for me. I still feel a guilty sting when I think of how much accusing I did to Bob, when the whole time I was $10.00-$20.00 dollaring us into debt. Until I wrote down my own spending, I had no idea how much I was actually spending over a month.

Watching your own spending speaks volumes to a spouse who likes to eat out often. Because when you go out now, you don't eat. Just order a cup of coffee, or something cheap to drink. Gently say, "I am not that hungry anyways, I'll grab something once we get home. I just like being with you".

Can you do it? Do you love to spend the family dollar on eating out too? Can you say it with love and respect for your partner? Now don't forget that couple dates are needed! Those are not excessive spending! Couple dates are always cheaper than a divorce! Get Advice On The Difference Between Expense and Investment.

6. Ask your spouse to talk about money with your kids. Together you can both teach your kids the value of the family dollar. The trick is to let your partner do the talking.

Good luck and always know you can contact us for more of our best family advice with your family dollar.

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